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I'm Blair Staky

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First Trimester

I'm a web designer, SEO nerd, artist, mom and wife. Here I share tidbits of my life, recipes my family loves and my favorite products.

I'm Blair Staky

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First trimester pregnancy experiences and pregnancy symptoms. thefoxandshe.com

first trimester outfit

TOP: old Madewell Top, similar here and striped version here | SHOES: Gretel Suede Slides, more colors here, also love this pair | JEANS: High-Rise Skinny Jeans, distressed version |BAG: Transport Tote | Silk Scarf | JEWELRY: Crescent Necklace & Compass Necklace

If you read last week’s post, you’ll know that we shared some pretty big news—I’m pregnant! Thank you so much for all our sweet comments and emails! We’re so excited!! I didn’t get into too many details last week, but this week I wanted to share more. Okay, a lot more. Everything from how I found out, Rob’s reaction, my first trimester, and a few more common questions! I actually wrote this post when I was 12 weeks, so read it with that in mind! Today, I’m actually 19 weeks—nearly half way there, which is crazy! Thank you all again for all of your love and support during this exciting time for our family!

Today I’m 12 weeks! Honestly, I can barely believe it. It feels like just yesterday that I was nervously unboxing the at home pregnancy test while Rob was still sleeping. But at the same time, it feels like I’ve been keeping a secret for so dang long and to be honest, it’s made it hard for me to write these past few months. I feel like I’m usually an open book and hiding this big secret for so long was tough, but I’m so happy it’s finally out in the open! I’m relieved that the first trimester is behind us and that we can finally start telling our extended family and friends and I can start going out like a normal human again without being nervous that my secret would slip.

I also had my 12-week appointment today and got to see our little one bouncing around on the ultrasound and also hear their heartbeat for the first time which was really special. Since I haven’t felt sick (more on that in a bit), it’s been reassuring to see the baby on the ultrasound and hear the heartbeat to know everything is progressing like it should be!

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white shirt and jeans

Here’s a little bit more about my pregnancy so far:

First Trimester Pregnancy Update

How I Found Out

Back in March, we were in Austin for our friends’ wedding. I was suppose to start my period the day before, but didn’t. I had the slightest thought that I might be pregnant, but also remembered that I’d had a super stressful week and that plus travel could have delayed things a bit. Plus, being one or even a few days late is totally normal. When my period still hadn’t arrived by the following Tuesday, I started thinking about it again. I had dinner plans that night with Emily (who just gave birth to her second daughter), Lauren and Arin. Ironically enough, Arin told us she was pregnant that night!

I declined Emily’s offer for a ride home after dinner and walked straight to Walgreens and picked up a pregnancy test. I decided I’d give it a little longer and that I’d take it in the morning. Clearly I was anxious about it because I woke up naturally at 6:30am—that never happens! I nervously went into our bathroom to take the test. For whatever reason, I was really nervous and my hands wouldn’t stop shaking. The first test was a dud. It was suppose to light up after you peed on it, but nothing happened. What?! Seriously?! So, I took a second one—thank goodness they come in packs—which lit up immediately. I stuck it on the counter, set a timer and just sat there. Naturally, I couldn’t wait the full 3 minutes to look, so I peeked at it and in bold letters, it said Pregnant. I left the bathroom, paced around our apartment for a while. Sat down and stared blankly for a few minutes, then went back in the bathroom to double check. Yep, still pregnant. Then I did that whole routine again, just to triple check—haha!

Rob’s Reaction

I kept waiting for Rob to walk out of the bedroom and ask about the test, but he was moving slow and I was excited or anxious so I went into the bathroom and as cooly as possible said “good morning”. He’d clearly totally forgotten about the test so I just blurted it out—“Uhh, I’m pregnant”. His immediate response? “No you’re not!” with a confused look on his face. Hahaha! I’ll never forget it.

He was definitely surprised by how quickly it happened, and so was I, but he’s now used to the idea and excited!

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My First Trimester

When are you due?
Early November! Next holiday season will definitely be a fun one!

Did you get morning sickness?
After hearing other women’s nightmare stories of morning sickness, I was prepped for the worst, but I almost never felt sick. I had one day where I felt really nauseous and dizzy, but after that I only got a few bouts of nausea in the morning before I ate breakfast. I never got physically sick though and I feel very lucky! When I did randomly feel sick, I found that eating small meals and not going too long between meals helped.

The only downside to not feeling anything was that it made me a little nervous and I was constantly wondering if everything was all right.

Did you have any food cravings or aversions?
Nothing too crazy! I definitely ate a lot more fruit than I used to and also craved salty things like pickles and potato chips. For a few weeks, vegetables and chicken kinda grossed me out and the only thing that sounded good was carbs. The last few weeks I randomly started craving frozen yogurt and even made Jess go with me after dinner one night when we were in Dallas for the RewardStyle conference—thanks Jess!

Has your diet changed?
Not too much. Other than my few weeks where I binged on carbs, I’m back to eating as healthy as I can and sticking to lean protein, whole grains, vegetables and lots of fruit. I’ve cut out alcohol from my diet, but I do still drink a coffee in the morning since my doctor said it was okay. At my 12-week appointment, I’d actually lost three pounds, so I think I might indulge my frozen yogurt and donut cravings a little more often, haha!

I did have an aversion to chicken on a somewhat regular basis, which was strange because we normally eat chicken multiple times a week. I did crave burgers every so often, but that was it!

How was your energy?
Guys, the first trimester exhaustion is real! I started going to bed before 10pm and falling asleep before Rob had even turned off the light. For a few weeks he said I was making this weird peeping noise right when I fell asleep, ha! I don’t remember that at all.

Even though I was pretty tired, I only took a nap twice during the whole trimester. I’m still going to bed earlier and get tired easily—even walking up a flight of stairs makes me winded. Sad, but true!

what to wear in first trimester

[one-half-first]casual street style[/one-half-first][one-half]how to wear a silk scarf[/one-half]

Did you exercise?
Yes! For the first few weeks I had no idea I was pregnant and was doing BBG several times a week. After I found out and started getting really tired, I put BBG on hold and have adopted less intense workout routine that I’ll share with you guys soon! I like to do cardio—stair master or elliptical—a few times a week, and easy weights once or twice a week as well. The last two weeks though, I did something to my back and ended up not really working out because it hurt. Hoping that heals up soon!

I also walk Oliver for almost an hour every morning (depending on the weather) and for 20-30 minutes in the afternoon, so I still feel like I’m getting a decent amount of exercise even when I don’t go to the gym. One thing I really miss is hot yoga, but my doctor said it was a no-go. I’m trying to find a good pre-natal class in our new neighborhood of Lakeview—suggestions?!

What physical changes have you noticed?
The first few weeks I had to pee constantly, but lately it’s gotten better. My chest has definitely grown, which I have to admit, I really like, haha! But, they’re very sore! I’ve noticed that my belly looks a bit bigger, but I can only tell at night and if I’m wearing something really tight. These photos were shot at 12 weeks, so you can probably tell that not much looks different… yet!

Are you reading anything?
Nothing too crazy, but I am reading a book called Real Food for Mother & Baby that’s been really interesting and helpful. I don’t eat a lot of dairy (like none), and have decided that I need to start adding it back to my diet for the sake of the baby. It also has a lot of interesting information about breast feeding vs. formula that I’ve enjoyed learning about!

BTW, 4 things I’m most looking forward to this year, and the first week of summer.

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