The Sunday 6

Happy Sunday and welcome to the Sunday 6, a new little quick weekend post highlighting some favorite products, recipes, inspiration, highlights from our week—whatever I’m thinking is worthy of sharing!

Hope you enjoy this short weekend series!

xo, Blair


The best $30 leggings you’ll ever buy, and maybe just one of the best pairs of leggings you’ll buy regardless of price. I’m actually diving deep on my love of these leggings tomorrow, but had to plug them again because they’re just that good. They fit like the Align leggings and are only $30. Do yourself (and your booty) a favor and grab a pair. I wear a small.


via Identité Collective

Owen’s room is now officially the most neglected spot in our home (besides the basement). Thankfully he’s 2.5 and doesn’t notice, but my winter project will be making his room a little more special.

I’m dying to do tongue and groove in there. His room has these cool vaulted ceiling and we need something to ground it. This room from Identité Collective has been my inspo! Still trying to decide which color is great for a little boy, but not too baby-ish. Ideas, welcome! Although, I do love the color they used here!


We had that crazy snow last week and this week has been hot again, but the nights and mornings are cool and it makes me happy! Like, lighting-candles-around-the-house-and-thinking-about-making-pumpkin-bread excited. You feel me? This sweater was a last minute item I added to my cart and I am obsessed. Wore it during our snow day. It’s super soft, warm and only $30. It comes in a few more colors (also love the tan!) and I wear a small in this.


via Minimalist Baker

Earlier this week, I shared a whole post on our plant-based adventure. We’re not 100% vegan or anything, but working towards eating more plant-based—like 70-80% of the time. One of our favorite recipes that I’ve made 3x now are these vegan falafel.

If you don’t want to make them all, you can refrigerate the dough and fry them up when you want them. Oh, and you can totally make them with canned chickpeas—we couldn’t find dried ones the second time I made them and they were just as good!


Have you guys tried Burt’s Bees pajamas for your kids? I just ordered Owen several new pairs (only $17/pair!) because he’s outgrowing EVERYTHING. They have the cutest prints and are made from organic cotton. I didn’t grab these, but thinking I need to get him these orange ghost jammies for Halloween before they’re gone.


We always gave my parents a hard time about the crappy mattresses in the guest rooms at their houses, so I wanted to get a good one for our guest room.

We just got one from Idle Sleep and guys, it is COMFY! It was a brand that I hadn’t heard about, but they have an 18-month sleep trial, apparently this is important when looking into mattresses, and the prices were great. I haven’t slept down there myself, but my sister and her husband approved!

If you’re looking for a new mattress for yourself or for a guest room, they’re having a sale—20% off, plus 2 pillows! We’ll end up getting one of these for Owen when he moves to a big boy bed! We have the Gel Foam Plush mattress in a King in our guest room—I’ll be sharing a reveal soon!

Happy Sunday!

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