7 Things That You Should Include in Every Blog Post

7 things that you should include in every blog post — via @TheFoxandSheimage via

Every time you go to write a new story there are seven things that should be in every blog post. These things will help make sure that readers are drawn in, stay and that search engines can easily find your content and share it with the world.

    There’s nothing like a good catchy title to grab readers’ attention and draw them in. Start paying attention to the titles that catch your eye and work on creating titles with similar characteristics.
    A permalink is the URL to your post. An SEO-friendly permalink will include the SEO keyword for your post. It doesn’t have to be the same as your post title and really it shouldn’t be. Your post title should grab attention and your permalink should make it easy for google to crawl your site.
    The internet is a visual place and to make every post appealing to your readers, it should include some sort of imagery. The higher quality images, the better! For tips on improving your photography skills, you can read all of our photography posts here.
  4. TEXT
    Seems like a no-brainer, right?! And for the most part it is, but knowing how much text to write to make it ideal for readers is another one. Search engines like it if there’s at least 300 words, but also be aware that super long posts also don’t keep readers engaged forever. If you notice that your post starts getting super lengthy, consider breaking it into a series.
  5. LINKS
    Links can make your post stronger for SEO purposes and also keep people on your site longer. I always try to link back to at least 3 different posts or pages within each blog post. It not only helps readers find similar content, but it will keep them perusing your site longer which is good for your ranking. Linking to external links can also be helpful, so if you’re worried about affiliate links, they won’t hurt your SEO!
    I always try to end each post with a call to action. That can either be something like ‘Go check out this new store’, ‘Click here to buy my e-book’ or something as simple as a question. I typically end my posts with questions because I find that it sparks conversation within the comments which I love!
    Every post should utilize Yoast’s SEO tools. The plugin makes it super easy to make sure your post is SEO friendly, so install it and start using it ASAP. Here’s a great tutorial on using Yoast SEO properly.

Do you include all these things in all of your blog posts? Is there anything else you always include, I’d love to hear!

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