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As you guys already know, a few months ago, I decided to get bangs! It’s been a bit of an adjustment, but I really love them. When it comes to switching up my look, my hair is my favorite place to make drastic changes. No, I’ve never done any crazy coloring other than balayage, but I am known to cut off my long locks on a whim and not think twice. It’s fun and refreshing!

What you might not know is that this isn’t the first time I’ve had bangs. Nope, in fact, I grew up with them! My mom has bangs and because of that, my sisters and I all had bangs growing up until I finally decided to grow them out in middle school. I decided to get them again in college, but didn’t really keep up with them and they grew out pretty quickly. I’m not really sure what inspired me to chop them again, but I’m so happy I did. I love how they look, but be warned, they require more maintenance than no bangs. If you’re considering them, here’s a few things to think about before you make the cut!

Should I Get Bangs?

1. Face Shape for Bangs

Consider your face shape when deciding whether or not to get bangs and which style. Traditionally, oval faces can handle most styles, while rounder faces look better with wispier less heavy fringe.

2. Forehead

How big is your forehead? I have a tall forehead, which is part of the reason I got bangs. I think you can make it work no matter what size your forehead is, but if you have a smaller forehead, bangs might hide too much of your face.

3. Best Hair Type for Bangs

For the most part, you can have bangs with any hair type, but if you have super curly hair, it might be a bit trickier. Straight and wavy hair are easily adaptable to this haircut.

bangs hairstyle

4. Commitment

Before my bangs, I’d let my naturally wavy hair air dry, but with bangs, you can’t really do that. Well, you can, but they might look crazy. After I shower, I always blow dry my bangs to keep them from getting kinky and flat. You can still let the rest of your hair air dry for a cool, messy look.

5. Cowlicks

Do you have a cowlicks on or around your forehead? If you do, bangs might not be a good idea. Cowlicks become more obvious when you have bangs because the hair is shorter and not weighed down.

6. Bangs Style

Not all bangs are created equally. Before you go into get your haircut, make sure you know exactly what you want—bangs that shape your face, blunt cut, side bangs, short or long? When you make your appointment, make sure you book with a stylist who really knows how to cut bangs!

7. Maintenance

Bangs get dirty. They sit on the one of the oiliest parts of your face and when you first get them, I can guarantee you’ll constantly be fixing them or touching them. Be prepared to wash them more often than the rest of your hair. I’ve started calling these quick bang washes at the sink, bird baths. Stock your beauty cabinet with dry shampoo too! Also, Your bangs grow a lot faster than you realize! I find that I’m trimming them every two weeks. Thankfully most salons offer free or cheap bang trims in between full cuts, or if you’re handy, you can trim them yourself at home, like me! Just make sure you invest in a pair of professional shears—I got a pair for $15 here. This video should you give you the added confidence you need to cut your fringe at home.

Are you thinking about getting bangs? What’s the most drastic haircut you’ve ever done?

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