A Year in Review & Looking Forward

A Year in Review & Looking Forward

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write this post for what feels like weeks now. Usually, I’m so jazzed about the start of a new year, new possibilities, new goals and I can’t wait to get started. But, this year, I feel different.

Instead of that typical buzzing with excitement feeling, I’ve felt a little blah about the new year. It seems like in the past, I’ve had such clarity about what’s to come in the new year, what I want for it, but if I’m being honest, it’s just not coming to me this year. I thought about writing a post, faking it, about all the things I’m looking forward to doing in this new year, but for the sake of being real and honest with myself, I decided against it.

This past year was a long one with lots of ups and downs.

I never could have imagined just how much motherhood would change me and change every aspect of my life. Before I get into the knitty-gritty, let’s start with some good stuff!

I kept our now one-year old son healthy and happy for a whole year which is something I’m really proud of. He’s grown into the sweetest, smiliest, cutest little guy that loves giving me kisses, hugs and crawling up the stairs. He’s curious, kind, calm and happy. What else could I ask for?

I learned to be more patient and let go of a lot of stuff which has definitely made me a calmer, less stressed and happier person.

We also traveled a lot this year with Owen—no where too far, but getting to share that experience as a family is really special since it’s something that Rob and I bonded over in our early dating years. I hope that all of our weekend trips teach him to be curious about the world and accepting of others and their cultures. It’s one of Rob and I’s greatest joys and we pray that he loves it as much as we do!

Owen & Blair Staky

Tan long cardigan

Casual outfit

Blair Staky and her dog

Now, for the downs.

The struggles. The things that challenged me this year, the things that made me cry and question whether what I do for a job is what I’m suppose to do.

My health. Man, where to start. Well, I had a baby just over a year ago, so that had a big impact on my health. The thing I wasn’t expecting was how bad I’d feel months after his birth. I had no energy, was more stressed than I’d ever been, I was unhappy, exhausted and foggy all the time. On top of that, my skin broke out worse than it ever had making me so self-conscious and it all just felt like an endless cycle. Then I started my celery juice kick and in the past two months, things have really changed. So, maybe it’s not a total down?!

It’s made me realize just how important my health is. Not only to me, but for those around me. When I feel my best, everyone benefits, and things just start to click. Which brings me to my next point.

This little ole blog.

It’s been my mostly full-time job for nearly 3 years now, which is wild, each year seemed to get better than the next, until this one. It is been a weird year for my career, if you want to call it that. It’s felt stagnant, and sometimes like I’m going backwards. I used to feel so sure about the direction of this blog, it’s purpose, but this year, I’ve questioned it a lot: Am I doing enough? Am I helping enough people? Also, am I being true to myself?

I pushed and pushed to try and keep any change from happening, why fix what’s not broken right? Right, until I realized what wasn’t broken, actually kind of was. I tried to stick to my roots and the things that probably brought you to this blog in the first place. But, the truth is, my passions have changed, my perspective has changed, my personal circumstances—being a mom and feeling like crap for nearly a whole year have made me think twice about what I share here and on Instagram.

Owen & Blair Staky

White jumpsuit

Blair Staky - The Fox & She

Black Jumpsuit

My Beautycounter mentor, Kate, graciously sent me this amazing journal from Rachel Hollis.

The first goal I wrote down was to feel and look my best. The second? To inspire others to live happier and healthier lives. It was as plain as day, the things I knew in my heart were suddenly staring me back in the face. Duh, here they are Blair, they’ve been here all along, you’ve just been ignoring them.

Now that I think about, it’s as so obvious that this is what I should be sharing.

For the past six months, the majority of conversations with my sister (aka, my best friends) have been about health, what we’re eating and cooking, new juices we tried, new workouts we tried—this is the stuff that’s lighting up right now and I’m finally done pushing against the change and just accepting that I’ve evolved, that my passions have changed and I’m really ready to share more of it.

I think I was scared to share some of this health and wellness content earlier because when I wasn’t feeling my best, I felt like a fraud. Why should I be giving advice on skincare or wellness when I was breaking out and was exhausted all the time? But, it’s a journey and I want to get back to the roots of that here on the blog and share more of what I’m doing, not because I’m an expert, but because I’m just a normal person trying to figure out life as it comes and want to share what’s working for me.

If you choose to stick around in the new year, and I hope you do, you can expect a little more content on health, wellness, positivity and self-care. My aim is to share more of the stuff I’m doing and to create a community of women who want the same things in their lives.

Blair Staky - The Fox & She

Owen & Blair Staky - The Fox & She

Sweater and shorts

Workout outfit

Owen and his daddy

So, my goals for this new year, because even if I’m not feeling quite as pumped as I was in previous years, I’m still looking forward to this shift in mindset for myself!

1. Health:

My number one goal for this year is to continue to heal, to gain more energy, to get stronger, to sleep better and to be happier. This means more celery juice, more healthy eating, more exercise, earlier bedtimes and a whole lot more grace. If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that improving our health is a process that comes with it’s own ups and downs, and patience and consistency is key!

2. Growing My Beautycounter Business:

When I signed up to be a Beautycounter consultant almost two years ago, I didn’t have big plans for it. I figured why not link to the products I was already using, right?! What I didn’t expect was a) how much I would actually love the products, and b) the amazing sense of community and support it would give me, and c) the additional paycheck that now allows me to take on less sponsored content here so I get to write more and more about the stuff that really makes me soul happy.

I know that probably sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth, I know Jess would agree because we talk about it on a regular basis. So, this year, I’m aiming to get myself more organized and grow this side of my business.

3. Dedicate Time to Personal Projects:

This is another thing I’m really really excited for this year. I’ve been working on a side project with my sister for months, and it’s not ready yet (hopefully by spring!), but it is lighting me up right now! I get so excited to work on it and know that will be such a useful, helpful tool for busy people who are also working to be healthier. So, stay tuned for that as spring approaches—we’re excited to share!

Blair Staky and her son

Blair Staky's family

Blair Staky and her son

Workout outfit

4. Inspire Through Truth:

Lastly, I’m kicking off my motivational email series again and I’m really excited about it! These weekly emails give me a chance to get even more personal, real and raw with you guys in a more intimate setting—your inbox. I also share other personal stuff, sales and other subscriber-only deals in my Life Lately emails that come a few times a month as well! In this week’s Life Lately, I’m sharing one life update that I don’t think anyone saw coming, so if you’re not subscribed, you can click here to join and hear about it first!


Okay, phew, that was a long one! It wasn’t the typical new year’s post, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. I’d love to hear what things you’re excited about in the new year and any thing you’re working on!

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