10 Affordable Home Updates


Every season I seem to get an itch to make a few home updates. Nothing major, just a few changes to make the place feel fresh and new again. It’s also a great time to get rid of stuff that you no longer love (and sell it on ebay!), My go to update is usually a new piece of art or a decorative accessory, but there’s a lot of different ways you can make a big impact without breaking the bank.

10. Lighting

MY first place in Chicago had the worst lighting, ever. The living room and my bedroom actually had no overhead light at all. Adding lamps, pendant lights or even string lights (preferably on your patio), can make a room feel so different. Soft light can make you feel relaxed, while bright lights will leave you feeling energized. Consider what space you’re wanting to light and what it will be used for before purchasing a light.

9. Curtains

I didn’t realize the power of curtains until my first place in Chicago. The windows were so dirty and drab and looked pretty depressing. I purchased soft white curtains and they totally softened the space and made it feel so much more comfortable.

8. Prints

My style is constantly evolving and as that happens, I find new prints to fill the place of older prints I’m no longer feeling as attached to. It’s also fun to move them around to different places in your house for a whole new feeling.

7. Candles

Scent is a powerful sense. I purchase different candles for different times of the year to set the mood within our home. For summer, I love fresh and floral scents that make me feel like I’m outdoors.

6. Table Cloth

Adding a tablecloth in a bold pattern is the quickest way to liven up your dining room. The best part is when you get tired of it, you just fold it up and store it away until you’re ready to use it again.

5. Throws

Adding a throw to the foot of your bed or the end of a couch gives it a whole new dimension. It’ll also make it look extra cozy too!

4. Pillows

Switching up your pillows each season is a great way to bring the feeling of the season inside. Lighter, brighter colors are perfect for the summer, while darker shades and cozy patterns are perfect for the winter.

3. Hardware

Update the hardware in your bathroom or kitchen. Adding different colored knobs to cabinets or a bedside table makes them look totally new.

2. Decorative Accessories

I’m obsessed with little pieces like this. These are like the fine details of a well-designed room that give it a little bit more personality and interest. They’re usually inexpensive and easy to find at any home decor shop.

1. Rearrange

If you’re on a really tight budget and don’t want to spend any money, rearranging your furniture, moving art around and switching around pieces in different rooms is an amazing way to freshen up your home and not spend a dime. If you’re planning on moving big furniture, just make sure you have some help! (image via)

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