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STILT Floor Lamp, also in black | VELU Round Pouf, in grey, green and black | BOUQUET Vase, also in red | TRESS Basket, also in brown

I’m so excited about this post because it’s different than what you normally see here. It’s easy to only show the pretty, well-lit and perfectly styled photos of my home, but let’s be real. Life doesn’t always look like that. No, in my case, there’s usually bags on the floor, shoes lined up by the doorway and dishes waiting to be washed. If you guys are into it, I’m hoping to share more of the behind the scenes stuff here on the blog, so let me know what you think!

Tonight’s post is really fun though because you’re getting a peek into our home and real routine at night—yoga pants and all!

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living room furniture and decor

One thing I really love about our little home in the sky is being in here at night. All the building light up and it feels totally different than the daytime. It’s quieter and far more peaceful than the daytime, when the streets are filled with people rushing to work and cars honking in traffic. Our dining room, kitchen and living room all blend together into one big space which makes it feel cozy in here at night. I can be cooking dinner while Rob’s on the couch and feel like we’re hanging out since we’re really only a few feet from each other—gotta love city living!

Our nightly routine is pretty simple and, well, not glamorous at all, ha! After we eat dinner and clean up the kitchen, we hang out in our living room until it’s time for bed and it’s designed to be pretty comfortable itself, so sometimes it’s tough to pull ourselves from here and into our bedroom. I recently updated the space with a few pieces from Article that have all proven to be worthy additions to our nighttime routine and beautiful additions to our interior. I love the mid-century modern vibes that blend seamlessly with the rest of the room. One of my favorites has been this basket that I keep full of blankets because I’m always cold and Rob’s always hot. I like having it nearby when we turn on our favorite shows (VEEP and Silicon Valley right now) and curl up on the couch. We try to not watch TV too late because it keeps me awake, so after we’ve watched a show, we start winding down.

what are your favorite tv shows

mid century modern furniture

cozy nighttime routine

Thanks to Rob, I’ve gotten into a good habit of reading before bed. It’s relaxing and has a way of making me incredibly sleepy. Sometimes I’ll read from bed, but if I’m not ready for bed yet, I love reading from this cozy corner. This floor lamp provides the perfect amount of light without taking up too much space, so important in a small apartment, and this pouf is my new obsession. Rob always puts his legs up on the couch and it drives me crazy, but he puts them in the same spot that I sit in. I never really understood why he wanted them up there until I sat in the chair and propped my feet up on there—instant relaxation. Who would have known?! Okay, maybe some of you are rolling your eyes, but I don’t think I’d ever really put my feet up on an ottoman before.

One of the last, but best parts of our nighttime routine is scent. I know, it sounds weird, but having peaceful scents really set the stage for a relaxing night. A big bouquet of fresh flowers will do the trick! I’ve been using this big vase as an excuse to buy an extra bunch of flowers and it’s so worth it. Our place smells amazing when I have it filled. When I haven’t bought fresh flowers, our oil diffuser is a great stand in. I’ve found that organic and natural scents will put you in a very calm state of mind.

fresh flowers

nighttime routine

Like I said, our nighttime routine is pretty vanilla, but it’s relaxing and allows us to spend time together and with Oliver, if he decides he wants to cuddle that is! With Oliver, it’s rare—shibas are very independent!

Oh, and just so you know! Article has a $49 flat delivery fee to the U.S. and Canada and all the pieces are very affordable, well-made and stylish! If you’ve been thinking about making some updates to your home or need new pieces, definitely check them out!

What does your nighttime routine look like? What room(s) do you and your family hang out in at night?

P.S. Another fun thing about tonight’s post? It doesn’t end yet! You can hop room to room to see other bloggers’ spaces at night. Check them out here: Julia & Chris of Chris Loves Julia, Kim & Scott of Yellow Brick Home, Daniel of Manhattan Nest, Jenn of I Heart Organizing, Bridget & Casey of The DIY Playbook, Sarah of Room for Tuesday, Anna of In Honor of Design, and Ashley of The Gold Hive.

BTW, how to make bedtime more relaxing, and my nighttime skincare routine.

Thanks to Article, a brand I love and trust, for sponsoring this post! Partnerships like this make The Fox & She possible!

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