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Why Rest is One of the Best Productivity Hacks You Need to Master

I’m sitting down to write this at 7am after one of the worst night’s of sleep I’ve had in a long time. I fell asleep sometime shortly after 1:50am and woke up at 5:45—I feel like a complete zombie. But, I had a major breakthrough moment, well, for me at least.

What I finally realized??

Best productivity hacks to being more efficient, more creative and a better business owner | The Fox & She

Rest is one of the most productive things I can make time for each day.

As a someone who’s been an entrepreneur for the majority of my adult life, rest was something I often didn’t feel I had the time for. It’s so easy to fill my days and hours with something for work, but I think this might be one of the best productivity hacks I’ve uncovered in all my years as a business owner.

I’m always asking myself, “how can I be more productive at work”, because with two little kids, getting sh*t done in a timely fashion isn’t just convenient, it’s necessary for me to be a sane human. Moms everywhere will get this.

I didn’t set out to work this much. I mean, does any entrepreneur? If anything, one of our goals is to gain time freedom—not lose it! At first it started as an extra hour here or there so I could be ahead, but before I knew it, I started feeling behind if I didn’t work those extra hours after my kids went to bed.

Rob’s job has been busy, so when he’s working late, it’s easy for me to fall into the habit of opening my computer and pushing forward, but I’m finding more and more that what I really need is that space for calm and quiet.

But it’s draining me, and I finally hit the wall.

I decided it was time to make more space for rest in my own life because it helps to avoid burnout, forces me to stop worrying and has taught me how to be present in the moment. In turn, I show up as a better business owner, a better and far more patient mom, and feel like I can handle everything life is currently throwing at me. Which, as you all know, feels like a lot right now!

Why Rest Best Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Gain Clarity

I’ve always noticed that the moments when I get the best ideas are not when I’m working or trying to come up with them. It’s when I’m living in the present moment, aligned, clear and calm. It’s often on walks or while sipping a glass of wine in the bath—it’s almost always in a restful state when my brain gets most creative. If I’ve been struggling with a decision or can’t find a solution for something, the answer always appears after I give myself space to just be.

You know when you find yourself stuck on something and people say, “sleep on it” or “give it some time” and you actually do that—take a rest! Not only do you need and deserve it, it’s actually hugely beneficial.

You actually go about your day or night without giving it much thought, and then when you come to it again, suddenly, the answer comes, or you realize it’s not as big of an issue, or the solution arrives when you least expect it, or it resolves itself.

Make Space for New Ideas

For about a year, I felt completely at a loss for what was next for me with this blog and my job. I hemmed and hawwed and came up different ideas and elaborate plans and spent so much time and energy only to decide, ugh, no—I don’t want to do that either.

Then I let it go. I began meditating again and stopped trying to force things to work. Within a few weeks, my mind had enough space to . It was like I was downloading this new file from my head with all this information I didn’t know was there. Ideas I was really excited about

When you allow yourself rest, you give your busy mind a break, which allows it to find new, creative solutions with absolutely no work at all. Trust that you have the answers and they will be given to you.

Reduces Worry

Do you ever wonder how you can stop worrying about everything? When our minds are filled to the brim, everything feels chaotic. When you slow down and do nothing, all those worries and problems start feeling less overwhelming. There’s something about living in the moment that gives you this amazing inner peace.

If you’re a worrier or someone who always expects or thinks about the worst case scenario, stop asking yourself the negative questions, and start asking yourself, what if it all works out? Live in that space!

Allows You To Be Present

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of going through your day constantly thinking about what’s next, what’s happening tomorrow, or what your boss said to you yesterday. Now, take a moment and look around you—what’s actually happening now—in this moment? Slowing down to give ourselves a breather makes it easier to be in the moment. Let go of what’s happening tomorrow or next week, and allow yourself to be present with the people you’re with, or just being alone.

Keeps You Healthy

Rest is something we all need to function, and when we don’t get enough of it, we don’t function at our best. My zombie-state is a great reminder of that. Was it worth it to work an extra hour or two to feel this way today and decrease my productivty and ability to focus or even stay awake the next day? I’ll tell ya that’s a big fat no.

Decreases Stress

When we’re tired, everything feels harder and more overwhelming. My employing this super easy productivity hack, you avoid getting as stressed, simply because you’re more well-rested. You have energy, focus and clarity and that makes everything infinitely easier.

Helps You Feel More Aligned

To me, this goes back to being more present in your everyday life. When I’m in work mode, I’m often so unaware of what’s going on around me. I lose track of time, I look up and realize I haven’t taken a sip of water or peed in 2 hours and I have to take a moment to look around and regain focus.

When you have time set aside in your day to rest, you’re automatically living in the moment because all the distractions are put away. And, when you’re in the moment, it it easier to feel more aligned to your goals and dreams, and that good-feeling energy is priceless.

Creates More Joy

Last, but certainly not least—gives yourself space to rest creates more joy in your life. When you are fulfilled, aligned and happy, it makes it so much easier to go about your work and life with purpose and conviction. No more second-guessing and dragging out things for longer than necessary. You are more efficient and productive and creative and inspired! And, who doesn’t want that?

This productivity hack might seem a bit unconventional, but hopefully by now you realize just how impactful it is. So, my friends, take some rest to help reduce stress and anxiety, to provide clarity and to show up to your life and business with more energy and new fresh ideas!

Now tell me, how are you going to make time for rest in your day?

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