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What Does Your Dream Home Look Like?

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bohemian bedroom, eclectic decor, amber interiors

ceilings with exposed wood beams

black and white kitchen with gold finishings

dream office space

high ceilings, a-frame, natural light, living room

eclectic entryway, concrete tiles

eclectic bedroom, moody colors

bright living room, bohemian living room

a-frame ceiling, all white living room

bright office space

cozy eclectic bedroom

high ceiling, open air, bright light

eclectic bohemian kitchen

If you had asked me a few years ago what my dream house would look like, it would have been big and spacious with large rooms and high ceilings. It was located in the neighborhood I grew up in and the kitchen would have white marble, duh.

If you ask me today, the only thing that I still really want in my dream house is that white marble in the kitchen. Why I ever wanted a huge house eludes me. Maybe I thought it was an outward sign of success, but as I’ve gotten older I no longer care much about that.

Instead, my (our) new dream house is cozy, quaint, has an open floor plan, but still has places that you can go to be alone. It’s not in the neighborhood I grew up in anymore, but I’m also not quite sure what city we’ll end up in.

The master bedroom isn’t massive, but the closet is! It also has a light-filled office space with built in shelves to hold my ever-growing collection of coffee table books that overlooks our backyard and vegetable garden. There’s a craft room for potential little ones and a big, bright kitchen where the family gathers.

It’s nothing ostentatious, but has special details that make it unique to us and reflects who we are and how we live.

The kitchen will require a big farmhouse table that I hope to make myself and maybe even a fireplace, because everyone knows the kitchen is where everyone gathers, so why not?! The living room will have exposed beams because I simply love the way it looks and makes a room feel.

It may be a long time before we ever move into our dream house, but it’s still fun to dream. I find that the older I get, the more focused and defined my interior style becomes.

What does your dream house look like? What city is it located in? And lastly, has your idea for your dream house changed over time or has it always been the same?

images via Le Fashion, Amber Interiors, My Domaine, Parade of Homes, Nous Decor, Paulina Arcklin, Luxe Source



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