His & Hers: Sunday Lunch Date

bonobos mens shirt

I have a confession: I tend to become very anti-social during the winter months. Especially when the highest temperature for the week’s forecast isn’t even above 25. Ugh. Chicago, I love you, but sometimes I don’t understand you. For the most part, I’ve just learned to embrace the winter. We spend more time at home, watch more movies, and get a lot more rest. I’ll spend my Saturday organizing the house or cooking a new recipe, essentially I get into full on nesting mode, but after a few weekends like this, it starts to get a little, errr, depressing.

Thankfully Rob’s around, so I’m not all by myself, but we’ve found that it’s so good for us to force ourselves to get outside, despite the weather. A few weekends ago, when the high all weekend was around 11 degrees, we scheduled a few different activities to get us out of the apartment, one being a little Sunday lunch date! After wearing our coziest pajamas all weekend long, it felt nice to get dressed up, actually do my makeup and head out the door for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, True Food Kitchen.

bonobos plaid shirt
mens plaid shirt

peter millar quilted jacket

topshop ruffle shirt

ruffle sleeve shirt

Rob recently got some new duds from Nordstrom and wore them for the first time. He looked so cute, I had to snap a few pictures of him, because let’s be honest, he doesn’t get enough air time here, does he? I love this slim-fitting plaid shirt made by Bonobos and this quilted Peter Millar jacket. He has a similar quilted jacket, but this one is sooo much nicer, so it might be time for him to retire the other one. Bonobos is a brand he’s actually wanted to try for a while and I was excited to find that there was a big selection on Nordstrom. I’m sure his shirt collection will be growing. If your guy is trim like Rob, you should definitely tell him about these slim-fit shirts—they look great and don’t have any extra bulk to them!

I wore my favorite pair of simple skinny jeans, Newbury boots, this cute ruffled top (how awesome is this color?!), and a wool hat. I have another confession, I have a long sleeve shirt on underneath for extra warmth—totally worth it, and you can’t even tell!?

chicago street style outfit
mens winter outfit

winter outfit ideas

True Food Kitchen's vegan butternut squash pizza
Clarks Wallabee boots

Peter Millar coat

Lucky for us, the restaurant was only a few blocks away from our place so we didn’t have to stay out in the cold too long. If you make it to True Food Kitchen, make sure to get the butternut squash pizza! It’s completely vegan, but we’re obsessed. In fact, Rob was the one that requested it! We also ordered salads, so I got to take home the leftovers for a tasty lunch the following Monday—it’s the little things, right?

We stopped by the grocery before heading home, and stayed in the rest of the night. Even though it was a quick outing, it was so nice to get out of the house! Do you make yourself get out and do stuff during the winter? Or do you prefer to stay in, cozied up on the couch with Netflix?!

BTW, 10 pink coats under $180, and where did you meet your person?

Thanks to Nordstrom, a brand I love and trust, for sponsoring this post! Collaborations like this make The Fox & She possible!

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