How to Make Your Home Extra Cozy for the Holidays

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There’s something different about how I feel this time of year. And, it’s a good feeling. I love finishing up my work, shutting down my computer and going into relaxation mode at the end of the day. Ending any night like this is great, but there’s something about the holidays that makes it feel more special, and even more relaxing.

I think it’s because my mindset shifts during the holidays. I find myself reflecting on life, thinking about how lucky I am for all that I have, intentionally being more thankful, and reminding myself to quit complaining about the small stuff. It’s a good reminder that your attitude is really all a matter of perspective, isn’t it?

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Another thing that gets me in this holiday spirit is making our house a little bit cozier for the holidays. During the summer, we spend a lot more time outdoors, on patios and rooftops, but in the winter, we retreat to the indoors and spend our nights watching movies and sipping wine, or cooking a big pot of stew while curled up on the couch. Winter reminds me to slow down and relish in these little joys. Here’s how I’m making my home cozier this season:

1. Add Cozy Layers

Probably the easiest way to add warmth and coziness to your home is by adding a good cozy throw to your couch or favorite reading nook. This faux lamb fur throw from Urban Outfitters is perfect for bundling up in and is super soft. Oliver has taken a liking to it as well, and since he’s naturally not much of a cuddler, I take advantage of it and let him cozy up next to me and get my fix of puppy cuddles! I love that Urban Outfitters has clothing, gifts and decor. It really makes it a one-stop shop during the holidays!


2. Capture the Moments

For me, photography has always been my favorite way of recording memories. Writing is a close second, but in my opinion, nothing captures the feelings or emotions of a moment like a candid photo. At Rob’s sisters’ wedding, there were instant cameras sitting out on tables and so you could snap a quick photo on the dance floor or with your friends. It was such a fun little memento from the night and we keep them in a little tray on our coffee table so we can look back at them whenever we want!

Naturally, I decided we needed one for our house, so I’ve been keeping this cute blue Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera sitting out around the house, in case a moment like that happens! It’d make for the perfect gift or stocking stuffer—just make sure to get extra film (the camera doesn’t come with any) because taking photos with it is kind of addicting! I’m planning on taking it home with us next week for Thanksgiving so that we can snap some pics throughout the day!

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3. Set the Mood

There’s nothing that helps me relax and unwind more than lighting a candle and playing music. A cozy scent, like this Teakwood and Tobacco candle gives our home a relaxed feel, and music sets the mood for the rest of the night. While playing music from our iPhone or computer is easy, we just got this record player from Urban Outfitters and I love putting it to use at the end of the day. It’s more fun to look through the records and decide what to play than scrolling through your iPhone. You guys know I love to take breaks from technology, and there’s something old-fashioned about this that feels that takes my stress away!


4. Dress Appropriately

This should probably be number one, because the first step to making your home cozy, is making yourself feel cozy. I love getting dressed up for holiday parties, but when we’re spending time at home, comfort is key. These black ripped jeans and super soft v-neck tee from Urban Outfitters have been on repeat over the past few weeks. I even dressed them up with this draped vegan leather jacket, plaid scarf and a beanie for our Friendsgiving feast a few weeks back!

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5. Lighting

How fun is this LED heart light?! Since we don’t have much space to decorate or the front of a house to put lights on, I like to bring it inside. This LED light is festive, yet minimal! I love the reddish pink glow it gives off at night. If we had more space, I’d add some twinkling lights too!

Do you spend more time indoors during the holidays? What changes do you make around your home to make it cozier?

BTW, find more holiday inspiration in the Holiday Guide, and the best tips for worry-free holiday entertaining.

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