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I'm Blair Staky

web designer, blogger, artist, mom & wife

Why I’m Re-Opening My Web Design Business

I'm a web designer, blogger, mom, wife and serial entrepreneur. I 'm sharing my best tips and advice or building a life and business you love.

I'm Blair Staky

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing about the clarity I’ve found recently. And, I’m excited to finally share what I’ve been working on this past month.

I’m officially re-opening my web design business after a 5-year hiatus! (See the website here!)

Here’s the funny thing, this happened, well, kind of on accident.

Why I’m Re-Opening My Web Design Business

For anyone who is new around here, my start in blogging began because I was creating custom WordPress blog designs for other lifestyle and fashion bloggers. Towards the end of Leap, my old design business’ name, I had started to find that my coding skills were not as advanced as what my clients needed. I hired a developer, and it put it shortly, it was a nightmare

It was easily one of the most stressful seasons of my professional life. I wasn’t sleeping, my stomach was in knots constantly and it felt like everything worked against me.

At that point, I was happy to hang up my hat and move into a career as a blogger. Within 6 months, my blogging income surpassed my design income and I didn’t look back. Things were good! I got to work with some incredible brands, go on amazing trips and do things I never imagined I’d get the opportunity to do. 

Then, Owen was born! Man, he was the sweetest baby. But, those first 18 months of his life were hard—postpartum depression and suddenly I was doubting EVERYTHING. On top of that, a bunch of our close friends moved away. It was a weird, lonely-ish period where I felt, well, lost.

As they say, children change everything, but wow, you really don’t understand that until it’s happening to you. 

For the next few years, I continued to blog, but my enthusiasm was waning. I’d be so excited about things for a month, only to feel incredibly burnt out and unfulfilled the next. This one thought kept lingering in the back of my head—is any of this really helping anyone? Making a real difference? It’s a question I’d been asking myself since my early days of blogging, but struggled to find an answer for. 

Then 2020 hit and our world got turned upside down. We also moved out of Chicago, bought a home and had our second son, Jack. So so so much change in such a short time. And while I’m immensely grateful for every bit of it, it was no surprise that my feelings towards my job only intensified. 

After lots of meditation, journaling and digging deep, I arrived here and I am so excited about it! Change can be scary, but it’s also inevitable and I’m grateful for this shift in my business.

I’ll be offering custom Showit web design and blog design for creatives and content creators, plus some other goodies. Check it all out here!

Why I’m Opening My Custom Showit Web Design Business

Less Time on Social Media

Between taking care of two young children, a job, cooking dinner and finding time to exercise or have some time alone—my days already feel full enough. I don’t want to fill any more space with meaningless scrolling on Instagram. I also found it was really taking a toll on my mental health.

For someone who typically feels pretty comfortable in my own skin, I found myself second guessing what to post, which image to put first in my carousel, what to say, and worrying that the ideal posting window had passed. This is not the stuff I expected to be worrying about at 34, nor is it what I want to be worrying about! 

As I’ve been working on getting everything ready for my launch, I barely got on Instagram and you know what? It felt freaking terrific! Definitely a good sign that I’m on the right path.

More Flexible Schedule

Blogging does provide a lot of flexibility as you can plan your posts months in advance if you want, however, social media isn’t quite so forgiving. And, in today’s day and age, Instagram has become such a big deal. Since one of my goals is to spend less time on my phone and more time being present with my family, this seems natural. I can take on as many or as few projects as I see fit each month and set hours to work.

I’ve always hated the feeling of always needing to be “on” as a blogger and Instagrammer. It’s stressful and exhausting for me.

A Web Design Platform That Works for Me

In a weird twist of events, I bought a new blog template on a new-to-me platform that is nothing like I have ever experienced. I expected to drop in my content and move on with my life, but I ended up re-discovering my love of web design. In a few weeks, I’d ditched my template and built my own custom Showit web design and blog!

This platform took away all the things that killed my old business. It was one of those ah-ha moments where you’re like, “ahh if only I’d known about this earlier”, but also, I needed to go through all the other stuff to arrive here. 

Within a week, I recruited a couple of friends to let me redesign their websites to build my portfolio (still in the works!) and work out the kinks in my design process. I haven’t felt this excited about work in a long time guys and it feels good.

Most of all, I’m thrilled that moving back into the design world allows me more time to be my real, introverted self. I can’t wait to show you these when they are complete!

I’m catering towards small business owners—coaches, mentors, photographers, interior designers, content creators, service-based providers and so many more that I can’t even think of right now. My goal is to help you elevate your online presence so you can focus on your business, start booking for of your dream clients and create more income and abundance in your life. If you’re in need, pop over to my fresh new site (that and my blog are both designed 100% by me!) and feel free to reach out and chat more about your project!

Income That Doesn’t Rely on My Popularity

One thing that I’ve really struggled with this year is that my income was very closely tied to my popularity on phone app. I mean, how much does that suck?

I kept thinking, I didn’t sign up for this! When I started blogging, Instagram was not anything like it is today. So, technically, I didn’t sign up for that, but this world changes often and you have to be willing to change with it.

Over the past two years, blog partnerships dwindled to a point where almost all of my partnerships were on Instagram. I felt like so much of what I had built was lost. It didn’t translate to the app, my love for writing long form blog posts like this, didn’t exist there. It was mentally draining me week after week.

More Purposeful Blogging

The good news, the blog isn’t going anywhere, but the content will be shifting. You’ll notice more content on business and finances and personal growth. One thing I have always wanted to do more of is help other women build their own businesses. I have been an entrepreneur for the past decade and it has provided me with a great income and most importantly—flexibility! If you’ve been around for a long time, you might remember that I once had a blog about blogging tips.

My goal is to provide actionable content to help you grow your business and even grow your long term wealth, because I’m weirdly obsessed with finances and investing despite not being an expert in this field at all.

For the first time in months, I’ve actually been thrilled to sit down and write blog posts because I know they will help someone out there with their own business.

So, there you have it—my big, secret news is now out in the world—I can’t wait to work with you guys to create your own custom Showit web design sites! I’m so excited for this next chapter and hopeful for positive changes in my business and also in my life. As always, thank you for being here!

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