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It was Saturday afternoon and I found myself sitting curled up on my couch next to Oliver with absolutely no agenda for the rest of the weekend. As I sipped on my second cappuccino at 1:30 in the afternoon, I smiled and relished in the fact that I was simply doing exactly what I wanted to that weekend—which happened to be a whole lot of nothing.

With Rob gone, my weekend that was typically filled with football games and dive bars was now wide open. Hello, relaxation mode!

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If I could change one thing about Chicago, it would be that there was more outdoor activities to do. A wooded area with hiking paths maybe? Just somewhere to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and the noises that come with it. Since I can’t do that, I turn to the next best thing—a stroll through some of my favorite, more outdoorsy feeling neighborhoods.

I put on these adorable Kate Spade yoga pants, this crop top and, cropped open-back shirt from Nordstrom. I love this cute sporty look. I can workout in it and then go straight to coffee or lunch with friends and still look put together. The little bows on the back of these pants are my favorite part! Nordstrom has a huge selection of activewear, no matter what activity you’re doing! Nordstrom is always one of my favorite places to shop because of the huge selection, and free shipping and returns—you can’t beat that.

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After I got dressed, I filled up my travel mug up with hot coffee, leashed up Oliver, left my phone at home and walked out the door. We walked from downtown up through the Gold Coast then into Lincoln Park, then through the neighborhoods. Oliver looked so happy, but I knew he’d be exhausted soon, so we turned around and headed home. Leaving my phone at home let me really connect with what was going on around me and removed all distractions. It allows my brain to just slow down and chill out a bit.

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We took the Lakeshore path on our way back which is one of my favorite places to walk because of the incredible views of the city and the lake. By the time we got home, I was feeling completely recharged and Oliver was exhausted—he passed out in about two seconds! It’s amazing how nature can really energize you! And spending a few hours outside away from technology was exactly what I needed! Before it gets too cold, I’ll definitely be doing more of these walks!

Have you tried designated tech-free times? How do you like to recharge after a busy week?

photography by Julie Kennedy

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