Did Instagram Change it’s Algorithm?

did Instagram change it's algorithm?  — via @TheFoxandShe

Is it just me, or has Instagram changed lately? I first noticed it a few weeks ago when I started getting far less engagement and new followers than I had been the past few months. My content hadn’t changed, nor had my frequency of posts so I started wondering if something had changed on Instagram. Honestly, I was kinda bummed for a few days, thinking people just simply weren’t into my content, but after talking to other bloggers, I learned it wasn’t just me.

You might remember that Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012, so it was really only a matter of time before their algorithms got tested on Instagram, right? So, the answer is yes. Instagram has changed their algorithm, but I’m not really sure what that means for us. It seems to have changed again since I noticed that initial drop off in followers and engagement, so who knows what it will be like in a few weeks.

Of course as a content creator, I prefer the original version were there weren’t smart feeds and algorithms. It allowed everyone who was following me the opportunity to see what I had posted, but now it seems that content gets hidden after a few minutes depending on the level of engagement. As someone who simply loves browsing Instagram, I still wish the feed was normal. I follow people for a reason — I want to see what they post and I don’t need Instagram to tell me what I should view. I hate that I miss some really great photos because of it, so I’m crossing my fingers that things go back that way.

My best guess is that they’re testing different things, trying to find a sweet spot. The good news is that people still love Instagram! It’s one of the fastest growing social media platforms and a great way to reach your audience. As it changes, don’t get discouraged! Everyone feels the effects, not just you. That being said, make sure you’re open to change and willing tweaking your strategy to fit the platform as it changes and grows.

Have you noticed the changes in Instagram lately? What’s been working for you?

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