DIY: Beautifying Wine Bottles

This is an easy one! I always feel a bit guilty tossing out wine bottles since I don’t recycle. So instead, I UPCYCLED! These are great for holding water on the table at a dinner party or even storing vodka.

Step one? Drink wine and save the bottles. For me, this comes naturally. The next step is a little tricker. Remove all the labels. Soaking them in water helps, and so does Goo Gone! After I de-stickied them, I washed them in the dishwasher to make sure they were extra clean.

Take painter’s tape and box off an area that you’d like to paint with the chalkboard paint. I made them all a bit different. I figured it would help distinguish which bottle was which. No one wants a swig of vodka when they think they’re getting H20!

Paint a layer of chalkboard paint and let fully dry. Then paint a second layer and fully dry. Remove the tape and let them dry for 3 days! Patience, my dears!

Then label, fill them and show off those beautiful and nearly free bottles!

I couldn’t resist trying this geode bottle stopper DIY from Cupcakes and Cashmere to top the bottles with. I love that it adds a bit of color and interest to each one. And good news, geodes are surprisingly cheap!

This is the perfect, quick weekend project! Who’s picking up an extra bottle of vino tonight?? Have a happy weekend!

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