Gift Ideas for Dad (& your Father-in-Law, Uncles & Grandpas)

1. Mercantile Walker Jacket, also in grey | 2. Plaid Cashmere Scarf | 3. Trim Fit Hal Zip Pullover | 4. Jogger Pants | 5. Gentleman’s Hardware Survival Kit | 6. Suede Moccasin Slippers | 7. Cocktail Shaker | 8. Suede Chelsea Boots | 9. Rabbit Corkscrew Set | 10. Men’s Wool Runners | 11. BBQ Grill Set | 12. “The Bucket List” Book | 13. Striped Socks | 14. Google Home Base | 15. Bike Kit | 16. Better Sweater Zip Front Jacket

Is it just me or are dads the hardest to shop for? Maybe you’re thinking, Blair, really? Get him a sweater or new shirt or tie—duh! And, normally, I’d be like, oh of course! But, here’s the deal. My dad owns a men’s clothing store, so buying him clothes just feels like a waste of money. Plus, he’s got so many as it is! So, my gift guide for Dad’s is a random compilation of stuff from a bunch of different categories!


That being said, I did still include some clothing items here because I’m guessing your dad doesn’t own a men’s clothing store and would actually love these gifts. I also picked things that I know my dad wears and loves, so I hope that helps!


Man Gifts

Mostly because I wasn’t sure what else to call these, but my dad loves a good project and is pretty terrible at sitting still. Maybe that’s where I get it! I love this little tool set as a fun stocking stuffer and think this bike kit is perfect for any Chicago dads who love to ride their bikes! If your dad loves beer, a beer-making kit would be so fun!

Kitchen & Food

My dad loves to cook, and especially loves his smoker. Last year we got him some different rubs and BBQ sauces. He loved it! Best of all, you get to eat what you make! I love food and kitchen gifts because I know he’ll actually use it.

If your dad is a big grill master, a nice set of good-looking grill tools will only make his grill-game better. Williams-Sonoma always has really great food gifts too, so check that out if you want to get him something he’ll be able to eat!

Beverage & Barware

When in doubt, giving your dad his drink of choice always works. You know they’ll use it and sometimes I like giving edible/drinkable gifts like this because my parents just don’t need more stuff. That being said, a couple of cool glasses, fancy wine opener or a cocktail shaker might be just the addition he needs to his bar.


I’ve done beer and wine clubs in the past for different people. Once for Rob and my brother-in-law and they both loved it! There are so many awesome clubs out there too, so no matter what your dad is into, you’ll be able to find one. In the past, I’ve used Clubs of America—they’ve got beer, wine, cigars, coffee, chocolate and more!


This is another one of our go-to gifts for our dad because he loves to read. History books in particular. Now he reads everything on his Kindle (another great gift), so we’ll just order them via Amazon and have them sent to his Kindle—so easy!!

My dad is getting close to retirement, and this book, “The Bucket List”, would be perfect for some travel inspiration when they have all the free-time!

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