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healthy breakfast

I get a lot of questions about my diet, and one thing that almost never changes is my breakfast. I’m a total creature of habit in the morning and I blame that on the fact that I’m simply not a morning person, so if I can make things easier, why not?! I’ve shared bit and pieces of my go-to healthy breakfast, but I wanted to formally share it here where it won’t disappear in 24 hours.

I know not everyone eats big breakfasts, but I do! I’ve always been a big breakfast eater. In fact, when I was a kid, I ate eight (yes, 8) Eggo waffles every morning. No, maybe not the healthiest, but proof that I’ve always had a voracious appetite early in the morning. Now my breakfast consists of a better balance of protein, fiber and good fats that helps keep me full longer and gives me plenty of energy until lunch. So, if you’re looking for healthy breakfast ideas, you might give this one a try!

The main event is avocado toast topped with an egg scramble. I sauté veggies—usually onion, bell pepper, and kale—but if we have other stuff, I’ll add that too! Then I scramble in one whole egg and one egg white. For my toast, we love Whole Foods 12-grain loaf and pretty much only buy that bread. I top that with half of a mashed avocado and put the eggs on top. Avocado is a great thing to eat for breakfast because those good fats keep you feeling full longer! Since I’m from Texas, I can’t resist a spoonful of salsa on top either!

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healthy breakfast ideas
breakfast ideas

Then I have a bowl of fruit. I won’t lie, I probably eat too much fruit in the morning, but I’ve found that it really suppresses my sweet tooth, and I’d much rather eat natural sugars than refined ones, so fruit it is! My favorite is honey crisp apple and berries, but again, depending on the season and what we have, I’ll switch it up. I top my fruit with a Tbsp of ground flaxseed and a sprinkling of chia seeds—both have lots of fiber, which helps keep me full.

If you’re trying to cut back on carbs, don’t eat gluten or simply aren’t as hungry in the morning as I am, ditch the bread and just serve the avocado sliced on the side! I actually do this quite often because I forget to buy bread, ha! It’s just as delicious!

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I used to wake up and immediately have coffee, but now I hold off on any caffeine until after I eat and it just makes me feel better. Caffeine on an empty stomach tends to make me feel sick. But, after breakfast, you better believe I’m making my almond milk cappuccino! I always add a scoop of Vital Proteins’ Collagen Peptides to it for a boost of collagen and protein. I’ve been doing this since last January and I really feel like it’s made a difference in my skin’s elasticity. You can’t taste it at all once you mix it in and I haven’t noticed a difference in the texture of my coffee either.

Do you eat breakfast in the morning? What’s your go-to breakfast? Have you tried collagen coffee yet?

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