How I’m Getting In The Holiday Spirit

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Last week I was in a funk. Exhausted after our trip to Dallas and the Cyber Week craziness, I was left feeling mentally and creatively drained—generally uninspired. For me, being in a creative rut is literally one of the worst places ever. I overthink every decision and never feel satisfied with the work I’ve done.

But instead of forcing it this week, I just let it go.

That’s another thing that’s very difficult for me to do. I’m usually the kind of person who keeps pushing and pushing until it’s done, but lately I’ve been reading Present Over Perfect and I decided to listen to my body. What I really needed was rest. So, I put everything else on the back burner and spent my week relaxing, cleaning the house, cooking yummy dinners for Rob and I, spending time with girlfriends, reading a bunch, and going to bed early. Don’t get me wrong, I did work everyday, I just didn’t go about my days with the same rigidness and intensity as I normally would, and it felt amazing.


holiday candles
geode glass box

how to style coffee table

gold white decor

At some point in the week, things started to shift and my bah-humbug-ness faded away. I’d been holding off on decorating our place, but by the end of the week I was feeling rested, thankful and excited for the holidays, so I finally made our place look holiday-ready.

Since we don’t have a ton of space, I usually only add decor to our living area, which doubles as the dining room and my office. We spend most of our time in the living room, so that’s where I made most of the updates. I switched out our colorful pillows for these cozy and fluffy Mongolian pillows from Z Gallerie. I actually love them in here so much, that I think they’re going to be staying year round! They make the space feel more inviting and calmer and if you read last week’s post, you know that’s something I’m all for. Oliver is also a big fan of these pillows and I keep finding him curled up on the couch with a pillow pressed up against his back—he’s so sweet!

buffalo check and shiba inu

@Zgallerie holiday decor
shiba inu

at home with blair staky of the fox and she

matchbook collection

I updated our coffee table by adding these sparkly deer figurines tucked around this cool piece of grapewood vine. I love the mix of the glitter from the deer and the natural ruggedness of the wood. On the other half of the coffee table, I restyled this tray by adding a gold bowl full of matches, a new candle, this glass box (perfect for holding jewelry or matches) and these agate coasters.

agate geode coasters
geode jewelry box

shag lambswool pillows

coffee table styling

the fox and she

It’s nothing over the top, but adding some sparkle, gold and white has really made the whole room feel a lot more festive than it did before. Our tree is also adding a really nice pine scent to the whole apartment too!

It’s amazing what a week of relaxation and less pressure has done to my mood and soul! This week I’m already feeling a lot more inspired, and having the house decorated is definitely adding to my holiday spirit. I’ve got a ton of holiday content coming at you this week and this weekend, so stay tuned for more—cheers!

Is your house decorated for the season? What puts you in the holiday spirit?

Thanks to Z Gallerie for generously providing product!

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