It’s Okay to Be Basic

I walked into my closet the other day to put away some shirts I’d just laundered and a few pairs of shoes that were lying around the house and found that there was no space for them. Ugh. I stood there with the shirts slung over my shoulder looking in between every item for an empty hanger hiding in the recesses of our tiny, dark closet. I found nothing. Sadly, this happens to me on a regular basis—partially because I do this for a living and have lots of clothes, but secondly, our closet is just small.

The good news is that it keeps me from hoarding stuff. Every few months I start thinking about doing a clean out, but put it off until I find myself in this same place—searching for space that isn’t there.

Now that I’ve been doing these closet purges on a regular basis, I’ve started noticing some trends. The things that stay in my closet are one of two things. One being my most loved, coveted and special pieces. The pieces I maybe splurged on or simply just adore. I find that dresses and shoes usually fall into this category and a few of my past favorites are this peasant dress, this lace dress and this wrap dress. And, two being my best basics. You know, jeans, solid tops, cable knitted sweaters, classic silk blouses and staple outerwear—the stuff that never goes out of style.

Like the outfit I’m wearing here! It’s made up of basics, but I love how it came together to make a really unique look! When I buy basics, I do have some criteria. I always try to find basic pieces that have unique details so they don’t feel too run of the mill, but are still incredibly versatile. The ruffle detail on this grey sweater (order up 1-2 sizes, it runs very small) makes it so much more fun and memorable. Oh, and if you’re wondering how this clutch fits into the basics category, I consider leopard a basic—do you?!

When you shop, do you look for unique pieces or stock up on basics?

BTW, another way to wear basics, and tell me your favorite color.

photography by Jules Kennedy

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