6 Ways to Get Your Blog Noticed Even Faster

One thing you want to know as a blogger? How to grow your traffic! Growing your traffic is key if you want to eventually monetize your site because the more eyes you have on your content, the more chances there are to make sales and revenue from advertising!

There are so many things that go into growing your traffic, but here’s a few things that you can start doing to help your blog get noticed even faster. These things will put you in front of new audiences so you can continue wowing people with your awesome content!

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1. Submit Your Content to Submission Sites

User-submitted gallery sites like Pose, Stylegawker (as well as WeddingGawker, CraftGawker, DwellingGawker & Foodgawker), Stumbleupon, etc. get thousands of hits a day. If your post is accepted, you can expect higher traffic in the following days. It’s a great way to get your content in front of a very large and brand new audience. Hopefully your blog’s other content will turn those one-time readers into repeat readers and even subscribers!

2. Contribute & Guest Post

I don’t feel like we see quite as much guest posting as we used to, but if you do it right, it can bring you a lot of new traffic. Aim for publications that have large, loyal audiences and make sure their aesthetic and audience are the same as yours to make it worth it for both parties.

3. Participate Outside Your Blog

It’s easy to get so involved in your own site, but to gain new traffic, you’ve got to participate in conversations outside your blog. This means social media and commenting. Some of my favorite blogs were discovered because they left a comment on my blog. Remember that compliments are nice, but ‘Love This’ won’t start any long lasting conversation or relationships.

4. Quality Original Content That’s Helpful

Beautiful imagery is huge, but creating content that people find helpful is what will keep them coming back for more. No matter what you’re blogging about, you can figure out a way to be helpful. Maybe it’s styling tips or how-to’s for beauty, either way, figure out what you can offer people and talk about it!

5. Post Consistently

People won’t stick around or share your content if it’s inconsistent. Get on a good schedule and keep those followers entertained on a regular basis!

6. Be Yourself

This one always seems easy, but can actually be harder than it looks. But being yourself is not only easier, but comes across to readers as more authentic, and authenticity will make readers trust you and want to come back and visit your site. Your unique personality will set you apart and have people talking too!

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