5 Ways I’m Simplifying My Life Right Now

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Kent Cardigan Sweater, more colors here & another way to wear it here | Chambray Central Shirt | Black Skinny Jeans (similar) | Modern Loafers, more colors here | Ray Nubuck Tote

If you remember my quasi-resolutions from this post, you’ll know that this year I’m really focusing on a few simple things—taking care of my baby, my marriage and myself. Easier said than done! But, I’ve found that simplifying other areas of my life has been a huge help in focusing and dedicating my time to the things I want to.

Whether you have a baby or not, these tips are hugely helpful in making life calmer and more content on a daily basis.

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How to Simplify your Life

Owning Less

I’m bad at this. Because we don’t own our place, I get in the mindset of, “well maybe in our next home this piece will work!“. Then I shove it in a closet or stick it in a room where it does nothing but collect junk. But, if you’re like me, it can be tough to get rid of stuff! Especially when you’ve spent your hard-earned money on it. But, getting rid of stuff we don’t use or love and decluttering has made space for things we do love and let’s me appreciate them more because I’m not swamped with stuff all around.

Major Tidying

After getting rid of stuff, tidying is so much easier! Rob isn’t the tidiest person (and it totally rubs off on me!), and by getting rid of some of the excess stuff makes it harder for new junk piles to form. At the end of the night, I do a quick 10-minute tidy up. Well, most nights at least! It doesn’t take long and lets me go to bed with a clear mind. Waking up to a clean house always gets my day started on the right note too.

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Meditating More

Yes, meditating adds something to my day, but it reminds me to focus on being present in what I’m doing and to not try to multitask and do it all at once. When I’m focused on one thing at a time—playing with Owen, working, cooking dinner, doing laundry, etc. I enjoy it so much more and find that I’m more grateful for the little joys in my life.

Purging My Closet

And, all the closets in our house for that matter! It’s amazing how much stuff you collect in a few years. I was way overdue for a closet clean out and I think this was my most cut-throat one ever. What changed? Honestly, becoming a mom. So many pieces just no longer felt necessary for my current life. I kept my favorites—the ones I wear all the time that are classic and can be worn multiple ways and got rid of a lot of pieces that I hadn’t worn in a long time. That being said, you might start noticing that I wear more of the same pieces more often here, which hopefully you like! I love getting a lot of use of my clothes, so I’m hoping I can show you more ways to wear the same pieces!

I recently snagged this chambray shirt and cardigan. I’ve already worn the cardigan a few times (including Monday’s post). I love a good chambray shirt and this one is actually short sleeve which will make it great for spring and summer. Lastly, I bought these loafers several years ago and they continue to remain one of my most worn pairs. They’re simple, classic and comfortable. They do run small though, so order a half size up!

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Taking the Pressure Off

It’s funny, a lot of the pressure I put on myself is to put out good content on this site. Ironically, letting go a bit has made me more creative and has made writing come more naturally. I’ve been trying to let go of the little stuff and while it hasn’t come naturally, it’s actually happened and I’m so much more less stressed and calm because of it. It’s not perfect, but I’ve come a long way!

Are you trying to live more simply? What ways have you simplified your life—I’d love to hear!

photography by Hannah Schweiss

BTW, a classic, never-fail outfit, and do you make your bed in the morning?

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