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Coat: Hooded Wax Canvas Coat with Faux Fur Trim in Olive, also in black (runs small, I’m wearing size 6) | Jeans:High-Rise Skinny Jeans | Sweater:Ruffle Sweater, also in grey | Shoes:Gazelle Sneakers, more colors here (also love these colors) | Bag: Marcie Bag, also love the small version (more affordable here)

No matter how many books you read or advice you get from people, nothing can truly prepare you for being a mom. It isn’t until it’s happening that you really start learning what works and what doesn’t. And, you soon find that it’s also constantly evolving. Even though Owen is just two weeks old, I can easily tell which face means “I’m hungry” and which face means, “I’m going to need a diaper change in five minutes.” Then there’s the things I’m still figuring out, like why he’ll sleep great one night, only to keep us awake from 3am until morning the next night.

Ahhh, it’s all part of having a newborn, right?

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I’m also learning to let go a little bit, which is hard for someone like me, who can be a little Type A. One thing that gives me a little boost of confidence every day is waking up and getting dressed. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and honestly doesn’t happen until 10 or 11 some days, but it makes me feel less run down and more like I can handle whatever else will come that day.

Ruffle Sweaters

Lately my outfit of choice has been a pair of skinny jeans, a cozy sweater and sneakers. This look, including my coat is all from Nordstrom, which you already know I love. The biggest perk in my mind is the free shipping and returns. I’m always in between sizes on shoes, so I ordered two different sizes and simply returned the pair that didn’t fit! Since the odds of me going into a store to do this are slim to none right now, I really appreciate Nordstrom’s shipping! This sweater has the cutest ruffle details on the front and shoulders and also comes in grey. I’m wearing it with a casual look here, but it could easily be dressed up for work or a date night with a black pencil skirt or a pair of heels.

ruffle sweater

skinny jeans and sneakers outfit
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adidas sneakers

But, back to these sneakers! They’re insanely comfortable and really affordable! I wore them for hours on the first day and didn’t get any blisters or find them uncomfortable at all—how often does that happen with new shoes? Uhh, pretty much never. They come in multiple colors, and I had a hard time deciding between this cream and white combination and the blue and white suede. I’m glad I went with the white and cream though because they literally go with everything.


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I like having cute sneakers because they’re more comfortable for walking around the neighborhood than flats or boots. I’ve been trying to get out of the house once a day, especially now that Rob’s back at work (someone’s got to walk Oliver in the afternoon). It’s always a breathe of fresh air to get out and remember that the rest of the world is still going on, despite the craziness of what’s happening at home!

What tips do you have for staying sane and positive as a new mom? Does getting dressed make you feel better each morning too?

Thanks to Nordstrom, a brand I love and trust, for sponsoring this post. Partnerships like this help make The Fox & She possible! Thanks for your support!


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