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How to Stock & Style Your Bar Cart for New Year’s Eve

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how to style a bar cart

One week from today, we’ll be in Denver for Christmas and two weeks from today, I’ll be prepping for New Year’s Eve. I still can’t believe this year is actually almost over—is it just me or did this one really fly by?!

Every New Year’s Eve, a big group of our friends all buy tickets to the same party and go out together. Except last year. Last year, Rob and I were so tired from our 18-hour drive from Dallas to Chicago that we did nothing, which was pretty nice too. But this year, we have plans and I’m really excited! It seems like each year it gets harder and harder to get the whole group together, so I’m really happy we were able to make it happen again. But before we go out, there’s the pre-party and if you’re hosting, take note.

Having a stocked bar cart with all the essentials will not only make things easier, but it will impress your guests and look great—even after the party is over! Here are my essentials and a few styling tips to get you started:

[one-half-first]how to style a bar cart[/one-half-first][one-half]citrus on the bar cart[/one-half]

what to wear for NYE

champagne and peonies

Bar Cart

The first step is getting a bar cart. I love tiered bar carts like this one from World Market that allow you to add all the essentials without being overcrowded. I also love that this one is on wheels so I can easily move it to different areas of the house when necessary!


You’ll need drinks—duh! Wine, whiskey, prosecco, etc. Pick whatever you like! Don’t forget mixers too. I picked up a pack of Fever Tree Ginger Beer because Rob loves making Moscow Mules and this ginger beer is one of our favorites!

[one-half-first]new year's eve outfit[/one-half-first][one-half]bar cart necessities[/one-half]


bar cart styling

Bar Essentials

Now that you have the cart and beverages, it’s time to stock it with other bar essentials! Let’s start with the basics like an ice bucket for chilling white wine or prosecco, a cocktail shaker, bar tools for measuring out yummy cocktails, a bottle opener, cheery coasters and stirrers.


You guys know that I love color, so naturally I think it’s necessary to have some color on your bar cart. I’ve found that the easiest way to add color is to add a vase of bright flowers as well as a bowl of citrus fruits. I found these gorgeous mandarin oranges with the leaves still on them. I love how organic they look here. Another added benefit? The citrus can double as ingredients or garnishes for cocktails.

simple cocktails

[one-half-first]whiskey and over ice[/one-half-first][one-half]perfectly styled bar cart[/one-half]

bar cart essentials

bar cart for new year's eve

Gorgeous Glassware

Is it weird that I really love collecting glassware? Thankfully my collection isn’t too big since we have very limited cabinet space, but I love having a few festive glasses for special occasions. These bubbled glass champagne flutes and tumblers have a gilded gold edge that’s ideal for celebrating the New Year. If you have whiskey or scotch drinkers, these glasses are so cute!

Styling Tips

When you’re styling your bar cart, make sure to put the items that you’ll be using the most on top. Prosecco is my number one drink of choice on New Year’s Eve, so having a bottle of that and champagne glasses at the ready is important. Add interest with fresh flowers and sparkly stirrers or other little knick-knacks. Lastly, add height to different areas of the bar cart by stacking books. I found a few cocktail books lying around the house that were perfect!

What do you always keep stocked on your bar cart? Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve—if so, what are they?

BTW, a red and white holiday look, and how to choose joy this season.



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