I’m Looking for an Assistant!

Half of me can’t believe that I’m posting this, and the other half is so relieved to finally be getting the help I need! Life with a toddler is no joke and for a long time, I’ve known that I need more help, but kept pushing it off.

One thing I’ve really started to learn about working for myself is that I simply can’t do it all. For someone who has a hard time giving up control, this is pretty big for me to admit, haha! I’ve toyed around with the idea of hiring an assistant for a while, but could never decide on what exactly I needed help with.

There’s the obvious things like social media and SEO—both of which I do have help with! Chelsea helps me with Facebook & Twitter and occasionally writes a blog post, and Jordan helps me with SEO. Both of them have made my life infinitely easier and have made my presence on those platforms so much better. Jordan’s help has grown my organic traffic and made me think differently about how I structure my blog posts. Honestly, the geek in me wishes I had time to do the SEO stuff because I think it’s so cool, but, I barely have enough time to write content each week, so for now, I’m glad she’s handling it!

Despite those wonderful ladies, I still feel like I’m dropping the ball on a regular basis and someone who I’m able to touch base with on a weekly (maybe daily, ha!) basis to keep me organized, focused and help with the long-term goals I have for this blog.

Here’s what I’m really needing help with…

What I’m Looking for in an Assistant

I’m looking for someone who has experience with creating beautiful graphics for Pinterest, a good understanding of SEO for blogs and understands what The Fox & She is all about! Must be motivated, positive and a self-starter as I won’t always be available to give you exact instructions. Must be willing to learn and excited to be a part of a team!

If you have experience and understanding of blogging and/or content creation, even better!


  • basic Photoshop and/or Illustrator experience and an eye for design (access to these programs is a bonus!)
  • basic understanding of SEO to boost post performance and Pinterest performance
  • good writing & copy-editing skills
  • self-starter who can has the ability to take direction and run with it
  • organized, efficient and positive
  • has Pinterest expertise (not just Tailwind expertise, but an understanding of how Pinterest search function works is a mega bonus!)
  • passionate about health, wellness, fitness, healthy eating, etc.
  • basic understanding of email marketing (experience with ConvertKit and Leadpages is a bonus!)
  • Facebook & Instagram experience (Facebook ads experience is a bonus!)
  • must be based in the U.S., Chicago is a perk, but not required!
  • if you are Chicago based and have experience with photography, please include that information!

General Idea of What I’ll Need Help with Each Week

  • creating graphics for Pinterest for new and old content
  • making images and graphics SEO-friendly
  • pinning new and old content via Tailwind
  • aiding with strategic monthly content planning
  • generating content ideas and SEO-friendly post titles
  • writing SEO-friendly content & proofreading blog posts
  • help with email communication and management to grow list
  • weekly team meeting
  • social media planning

Hours & Pay

Right now, I’m looking for 8-10 hours, however there is room to grow! Honestly, I’m just not sure how much time everything I need help with will take, so flexibility is another bonus. My guess is we’ll figure it out after a week or two!

Pay will be hourly and based on skills and experience, most likely $17-20/hour.

To Apply

If you feel that you have the skills and experience to help me out, YAY! I can’t wait to meet you!

Please email me your resume at thefoxandshe@gmail.com with the subject line: “Assistant Application”, plus and a little bit about yourself so I can get to know you!

Thank you in advance to everyone who applies! If you have a friend who you think would be great for this, please pass it along!!