In Lieu of China

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Call me crazy all you want, but when we started registering for our wedding, one thing I knew that I didn’t want was fine china. I know plenty of girls dream about a fancy pattern and serving fancy dinner parties, but the truth is, that’s simply not the kind of people Rob and I are. Yes, I love to cook. Yes, I love to entertain. Yes, I love having friends come over. And yes, my dining affairs are typically very casual.

I think what really made me fall for these was picturing them in our home, and thinking about Thanksgiving dinner — the way I would prepare it. And then serving it on these plates on my hopefully homemade dining room table. Everything about it is just so more us than china will ever be.

I don’t really have anything against china. I think it’s gorgeous and if it fits your style, then perfect, but for me and Rob, it just didn’t mesh with our lifestyle. So, what’s your take on fine china? Is it something you must have or can you live without it?

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