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17 Reasons Your Space Needs a Colorful Kilim

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I'm Blair Staky

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Kilim Rugs for Your Living Room!

kilim rug

Does anyone else love rugs as much as me? Or is being rug-obsessed my equivalent of the crazy cat lady?

One day I told Rob that I was already looking forward to the day we have a bigger place, just so I can buy more rugs! His response? A sigh and a “whatever, Blair” eye roll. I think he’ll come around eventually, plus, we’re not moving into any big spaces anytime too soon.

As Rob and I have built our home together, rugs have been the starting place for every single room, and almost every rug is a kilim. If you’re not familiar with kilim rugs, they’re essentially flat woven rugs, typically made of wool. The reason that I love them so much is that they have no pile. Pile?! A weird rug word that refers to how high the fibers stick up. A shag or flokati rug has a really long pile, while kilims are woven so there’s no loose ends poking up. Does that make sense?

Anyway, back to why I love a pileless rug—they’re easy to keep clean. I Of course, they’re also beautiful and can be made of gorgeous patterns and shapes, but my number one reason for loving kilims is that Oliver’s hair doesn’t get stuck in the fibers. If you’re a pet owner, you might understand my frustration with dog hair. My Dyson is a lifesaver!

kilim rug

kilim rug in kitchen

pattern mixing in the bedroom

yellow rug and bright pillows

diamond kilim rug

turkish kilim

kilim in kitchen

entryway design

kilim in bathroom

painted desert rug

colorful kilim runner

pink kilim rug

white kitchen and bright rug

dreamy bedroom design

entryway kilim

bright kilim in bedroom

Whenever I buy a rug, I always end up getting one with color and pattern because it gives a space such personality. If you have a super unique rug, you can let the rest of the decor remain somewhat minimalistic. Which is something I’m learning to appreciate more and more each year (though you might not guess it from our place now).

If you’ve been on the hunt for a rug, I hope this helps you make a decision! The other good part about kilim rugs, is that you can find these woven rugs for really affordable prices. They may not last as long as a hand-knotted rug, but the price differential will make up for it. I linked a ton of gorgeous rugs below in a variety of sizes and price points!

Tell me, what’s been your favorite pieces to purchase for your home? Do you own a kilim rug?

BTW, how to layer rugs like a pro, and what does your dream home look like?

P.S. If you want a chance to win a $250 gift card to Nordstrom, make sure to fill out my reader survey here!