Make Time for YOU: The Self-Care Challenge

I’m so excited for my first challenge! I polled you guys on Instagram and self-care won for the first one and I hope you join! It’s an easy challenge and I think it’s going to be super fun, inspiring and motivating. Plus, just think about how relaxed you’ll be at the end of it! Just fill out the form here to join!

Make time for YOU!

Sign up and join me for a one week self-care challenge!

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    Before I had Owen, I always made ample time for self-care, but after becoming a mom, it’s definitely gotten pushed to the back burner. But, why should being a mom and taking care of myself be one or the other. The trick is squeezing in time when you can and actually scheduling your self-care. And, even if you’re not a mom, you need self-care too!

    For this challenge, we’ll be encouraging each other to take time for ourselves each day for a week!

    This challenge won’t be difficult, but it will be so amazing for you, so sign up and commit to making a little extra time for yourself! You deserve it, girl!

    So, start thinking about what self-care moments you want for yourself! We’re all individuals with different needs and wants. You know yourself best, so grab a piece of paper or type it in the notes of your phone and write down a few ideas of what self-care looks like to you.

    Here’s a few to get you started:

    1. Coffee with a friend
    2. Call your mom or best friend
    3. Write in a journal
    4. Meditate
    5. Read a book
    6. Go on a walk, alone!
    7. Take a nap (I do this on the weekends sometimes)
    8. Get a massage or facial
    9. Go to a yoga class, or do yoga at home
    10. Have a tech free night
    11. Do a face mask
    12. Diffuse some oils with calming scents
    13. Meet up with a friend for a glass of wine
    14. Give yourself a facial massage
    15. Re-watch your favorite movie
    16. Bake or cook your favorite recipe
    17. Dance in your room
    18. Take a hot, steamy shower
    19. Have a 20-minute stretching session
    20. Hang out in a park (but not today, it’s -55 with windchill in Chicago!)

    I’m so excited for this challenge and will be participating myself! Honestly, I’m pumped!! I know it will be so much fun and also show you that taking a moment of self-care on a regular basis can impact your life in so many ways!

    Can’t wait!! And, if you’re in Chicago today, STAY WARM!

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