How to Make Your Pins Go Viral

How to Make Your Pins Go Viral

If you weren’t already aware, Pinterest is an incredible tool for bloggers. Since Pinterest is basically a visual search engine, it can drive hundreds, even thousands of new visits to your site each month — especially when a pin goes viral!

If you think you don’t have enough followers on Pinterest to make a difference, you’re wrong.

Getting traffic to your blog from Pinterest doesn’t solely rely on how many followers you have, but instead on how many repins your pins that link back to your blog are getting. Sounds good in theory, but how exactly do we get more repins so that our pins go viral?

The best way? Make Pinterest graphics.

You’ve probably heard this before, but if you haven’t done it yet, I urge you to try it today! Graphic pins are far more likely to get repinned and go viral than a single image alone. These pins are longer and take up more visual space, so Pinners are less likely to overlook them. The text provides short and straight-forward descriptions which let Pinners know exactly what they’re getting!

I know, I know, they do require a little bit more time to create, but they’re totally worth it!

Remember — the more repins you get, the more traffic you could potentially be bringing to your site each month and who doesn’t want that?!

Here’s a perfect example….

How to make your pins go viral

This pin is just a single image from a blog post on yoga poses for strong abs and it did well — 28 repins is great!

I also made a graphic for this post that included the title and multiple images and this pin was repinned 19.4K times. So much better than the single image pin! The best part is that this pin still brings me a new traffic every month, even though the post is almost a year old!

Convinced you should make Pinterest graphics? I sure hope so!

If don’t have any design experience, this can seem like a daunting task that you quickly give up on, but, don’t give up just yet! I promise, there’s a much easier way to create graphics — even if you’re not a designer or don’t have design software — the answer?


This online platform allows you to easily make gorgeous Pinterest graphics for your own blog that can give your traffic a major boost! Follow along below to find out just how easy it is!


Hit ‘Collage Maker’ at the top of BeFunky’s website. On the next page click on the icon that looks like 4 small squares to select a template. There’s a whole bunch of them to pick from!

How to make your pins go viral

You can easily remove cells and pull the bottom to make it longer or shorter to fit your needs. I deleted a few cells and then made it a bit taller to accommodate my vertical images.


To add images, click on a cell and then select the ‘Add Image’ button. You can drag and drop images to move them around the template too. Add text by hitting the ‘A’ icon and then click the ‘Add Text’ button.

How to make your pins go viral

You can change the styling of the text too. Change the font size, font family, color, border and alignment from the text panel. The background will look light blue, but on export it will appear white!

How to make your pins go viral


Once you’re all finished, go to the top of the page and click the ‘Save’ button. From the dropdown, select ‘Computer’ and select your settings.

PNG files are typically better for text, but I actually found that the file was too big for Pinterest, so I exported it as a JPEG and the size was perfect! Play around with it and see what works for you.

How to make your pins go viral


There’s two ways to add your Pin to Pinterest. You can add the image to the blog post and pin it directly from that post page. It will automatically be linked back to the page, so if you do this, then you won’t have to do any of the other steps below.

But, sometimes I like to make a graphic and not include it in the actual post, so if you want to do that, head over to Pinterest and in the top right hand corner, you’ll notice a circle icon with a ‘+’ in the middle of it.

Click it and then select the option, ‘Upload from Computer’ to upload your pin. If you get an error message that your pin is too big, try making it a JPEG file, that worked for me!

How to make your pins go viral

Once it uploads, add a description and then select the board that you want to pin it to and hit ‘Pin it’!

How to make your pins go viral

A box with an upload confirmation will pop up. Select the option to ‘See it now’. This will take you to the pin so that you can manually edit the details.

How to make your pins go viral


Since we manually uploaded this image, it doesn’t have a link yet, so hit ‘Edit’ to change that.

How to make your pins go viral

Copy the link to the post page (including the ‘http://’ part) and drop it into the box titled ‘Website’ and then hit ‘Save’.

How to make your pins go viral

You can then navigate to that board and see your final pin, pretty cool, right?!

How to make your pins go viral

What’s great about this technique is that you can go back to some of your most popular posts and make new graphics for them that will encourage more repins and send you more traffic! Hop over to Blogging For Keeps to see today’s post on how to create an eye-catching Facebook cover photo!

What other Pinterest tips do you have?

BTW, how to launch a blog in 5 minutes, and is blogging dead?

*This post was sponsored by BeFunky, as always, all opinions are my own! Thanks for supporting the brands that keep The Fox & She up & running!

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