Progress on our Baby-Friendly Living Room

eclectic living room

Brandt Rug in Beige/Ivory | Striped Ottoman, also LOVE this one! | Horse Art | Dekalb Couch | Anthropologie Pillows | African Worry Beads | “Stories from the Influencer Next Door” (so honored to be featured in here!) | Coffee Table Tray | Plant Basket

We’ve been slowly updating our living room (and home in general) to make it more baby-friendly now that Owen is fully on the move. As soon as he started crawling and pulling himself on chairs and tables I started realizing just how dangerous and sharp everything could potentially be! It’s been more of a challenge than I expected though! We live in a small space and I really didn’t want to compromise my personal style simply because we have a kid now, so we’ve been making updates that fit my aesthetic and also work for a wobbly baby!

We started by getting rid of our old coffee table, RIP—I loved that thing. I actually made it when I first moved to Chicago and it’s had a good life, but since it was a live-edge wooden table it posed some serious threats to Owen’s head and eyes so it had to go. We replaced it with an ottoman style coffee table that has a solid interior, but is wrapped in foam and fabric, which means when Owen slips, his head has a fluffy landing that doesn’t hurt!

I fell in love with this style of coffee table when I saw a few in rooms that Amber Interiors had designed and was so happy when I found one on sale! I love the comfortable and cozy vibe that it gives the room and know this space is going to be super cozy by the time it’s done—hopefully in time for the holidays!

Baby-Friendly Living Room

coffee table ottoman

coffee table styling

(I keep minimal items on here because Owen is good at pulling them off!)

We also updated our rug.

Honestly, I loved our old tribal-looking kilim so much, but I’ve been craving a space that feels more calm, because, well, life is anything but calm these days. I snagged this 8’x11′ rug for under $200 on Wayfair and I’m obsessed. I won’t lie, it’s definitely not the fanciest or nicest fabric when you get on the floor and feel it, but, it’s soft, hides dirt and dog hair well! We got the Brandt rug in the brown/beige/ivory combo, but it comes in a few more colors as well. The grey and light brown are both gorgeous and pretty neutrals.

As for furniture, we recently ordered some new pieces and I cannot wait until they arrive! Technically, the stuff we have now is perfectly baby friendly, but our couch is so small, and we spend so much time at home that we really wanted to make this room extra cozy and comfortable. We ordered the Sloan sectional from Interior Define in this pretty wheat cross weave, and it will have plenty of room for the whole family. I really wanted something that was more white, but with a dog who sheds and a baby, I just figured it probably wasn’t a smart move. The color we picked as ivory and light tan/brown undertones which will tie everything together beautifully. It’s also one of their kid and pet-friendly fabrics, so it should be easy to clean!

We also got the Caitlin side chair in leather

I’m so excited to see this piece in person! It is STUNNING in the pictures and I know it’s going to look so pretty in our room. Originally I had picked the quartz velvet which is beautiful, but then switched it because velvet, though easy to clean, is a magnet for dog hair.

bar cart

side chair

Another area to work on is the corner in the photo above.

This poor corner has been so neglected. I originally thought it would be a little office area, but I rarely work at home these days. There’s no desk chair and this little table (a family piece) is just too small, so I’m thinking about removing it all together and putting some shelving there instead. We have lots of books that need a home and I think this might be the best option! I shared these shelves on Insta Stories yesterday and I’m debating between that one and this one in white or black. What do you guys think? Ugh—suggestions welcome in the comments!

The next thing on my list is pillows!

I’ve been pulling a lot of inspiration from this room and want an eclectic mix of pillows in here so the room looks collected over time and not just pulled from a magazine. I also love the mixture of textures, patterns and colors that give the space so much interest and depth! I’ve been stalking a few shops on Etsy and love this one and this one!

We’ve also been moving small, grabbable items and books to higher locations where Owen can’t reach them and yank them off. It’s not the prettiest, but I also know that it’s temporary. It’s also forcing me to be a lot more minimalistic and I really love it. There’s less stuff in the room and it always looks cleaner and more calm which is so good for my busy brain!


(I hate the stone on this fireplace SO much—but, we rent, so this area will just have to be. That being said, we gotta work on hiding these damn wires and putting the tools away after using them! On the list for this weekend!)

boho living room | baby-friendly living room

boho loving room

Baskets With Lids

To keep all of his stuff hidden so our living room doesn’t constantly look like a Fisher-Price explosion, I have some baskets with lids (the lids are KEY!) so when he goes to bed, I scoop up all of his stuff, put the lid on and forget about it! If you have baskets without lids, get a small piece of fabric or a blanket to put on top that hides all the stuff inside!

When kids are in the mix, it’s so easy to just throw the towel in and let their stuff take over, but I don’t think we have to let it totally define the style of our homes! If you have a play room, great, keep most of the stuff there! And, if you’re like us and just live in a small space, select pieces that work for everyone and invest in a few good containers that also fit your style so you can hide toys and books when you don’t want to look at them!

What changes did you make to your home to make it more kid-friendly?

BTW, 10 ways to make your home more peaceful, and a boho living room look on a budget.

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