How to Schedule Facebook Posts

how to schedule Facebook posts properly for your blog #BlogBetter — via @TheFoxandShe

A few months ago, some of my friends who are amazing at Facebook (cough cough, Maya and Emily), showed me some sneaky tricks on how to successfully schedule Facebook posts. It might seem like a no-brainer, but they showed me some tricks that make Facebook’s algorithm like your post more, which makes it more likely that more people will see it.

Now I only schedule posts this way and the good news is that it’s super easy! Also, I love that there is a scheduling tool. It allows me to pre-schedule everything in the morning and focus on creating content and getting work done during the day instead of worrying about when to post on Facebook.

So, here’s how to schedule Facebook posts!


how to schedule Facebook posts — via @TheFoxandShe
First thing’s first, open up Facebook and type in what you want to say in your post. Drop in your post link too. Facebook should automatically pull in the title, a featured image and excerpt of the post. Looks good, right?! But don’t hit Publish just yet.


how to schedule Facebook posts — via @TheFoxandShe
Horizontal images look best here, so if your featured image pulled in as vertical, go ahead and upload a horizontal one. A lot of times my post doesn’t have a horizontal image, so you can easily make one by taking a screenshot and cropping it horizontally. The quickest way is to hit ‘Command + Shift + 4’ and then select the area that you want as your screenshot. Delete your link in the text box, it won’t make the link box disappear.


how to schedule Facebook posts — via @TheFoxandShe
Now you have two images as featured images, make sure to unselect the vertical one, so the horizontal one shows alone.


how to schedule Facebook posts — via @TheFoxandShe
Click on the arrow next to the ‘Publish’ button and select ‘Schedule’. A new box should open on the screen.


how to schedule Facebook posts — via @TheFoxandShe
From here, select the day of the week and the time of the day when you want your post to go live. Hit Schedule! You’re done!


how to schedule Facebook posts — via @TheFoxandShe
If you want to go back and see what you have scheduled or to edit any of your scheduled posts, you can click on the link that says ‘See Posts’ to do so.

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