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What’s in My Summer Clean Beauty Bag

best summer clean beauty picks: What’s in My Summer Clean Beauty Bag

1. Supergoop ‘Everyday’ Sunscreen | 2. RMS Lip Shine | 3. bkr Water Bottle | 4. Coconut Rose Toner | 5. Dry Brush Body Brush | 6. Sea Mist Coconut Texturizing Spray | 7. Coconut Body Glow | 8. Apple Cider Vinegar Sulfate Free Shampoo | 9. Daydream Mineral Primer with SPF | 10. Greens Dietary Supplement | 11. Pot of Shade Primer with SPF | 12. Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist | 13. Mineral BB Cream

This week, we hit a turning point. Out of nowhere, summer weather arrived in Chicago and I couldn’t be happier. It coincided nicely with our move and made the whole process a lot better.

It’s crazy how much happier, motivated and alert I feel when the sun is shining! We’ve been finding time between unpacking and organizing to get outside and go for long walks to check out our new neighborhood. Sure, it’s only been three days, but we really love it! We have restaurants and bars right out our front door and adorable streets to walk through just behind us.

Being out in the sun for a long time quickly reminded me that I needed to step up my sunscreen usage now that my arms were bare and make a few tweaks to my skincare routine. It went from being cold and dry to warm and more humid—which I love!

Here are some of my favorite clean beauty picks for summer months, how to use them, and why I love them!

Summer Clean Beauty

Sun Protection

One of the best things about summer? I’m no longer pasty white! When I was younger I would spend hours in the sun with little to no sun protection because I was so desperate to get a good tan. Little did I know how much damage I was really doing. Now that lines are making their way on my face, I so wish I would have worn sunscreen everyday, or at least a hat!

Thankfully, I’ve learned and changed my ways. I apply SPF every single day and try to wear a hat when I know we’re going to be outside for long periods of time! Last year, I started applying SPF year round—yes, even in the winter! It’s harder to remember, but those harmful rays can still cause damage on grey days.

Right now, my go-to SPF for my face is this Coola Daydream Mineral Primer. My favorite thing about it is the texture. Some face sunscreens can feel so heavy and sticky, but this one is super light and goes on really smoothly. It does a good job of smoothing out my skin texture too and makes my skin look so much nicer even when I’m not wearing makeup! It also helps to make my foundation look smoother and more even, which I guess is the real purpose of a primer, right?!

As for the rest of my body, I like a good basic SPF! This Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen has SPF 50, is made with safer ingredients and is perfect for active days since it’s water resistant up to 80 minutes! Owen inherited Rob’s fair skin, so I know this will be a staple for us all summer long.

A Glowy Complexion

A few weeks ago, I mentioned dry brushing on Instagram Stories. I’ve been dry brushing my body on a regular basis and my skin feels softer, smoother and more even. It helps by sloughing off dead skin cells and is a great way to keep your summer glow looking bright and healthy.

If you’ve never dry brushed, you can do it either before or after your shower on dry skin. Lightly brush it over your legs, arms, torso, back, feet and neck in a upward sweeping motion. You can dry brush your face too, but be very gentle!

As for products I use on my skin, I started using this Coconut Rose Toner and I love it! It smells amazing and leaves me skin feeling balanced. I use it right after I cleanse my face and before I put on any serums or moisturizers.

For a little added glow, I’ve been wanting to try this Coconut Body Glow that acts like a highlighter. You can use it anywhere on your face or body that you want a little extra oomph!

Beach Bags


Skin Hydration

One of my number one tips for keeping skin healthy and clear is to stay hydrated! I drink a lot of water and always start first thing in the morning. If I have a few glasses when I wake up, I’m so much more likely to drink more throughout the day. We have so many water bottles, but this one remains my favorite! I should probably get a second one so I have a backup when I need to wash it. It’s glass, BPA free, has a brightly colored rubber cover and holds four 8oz. glasses of water!

Speaking of drinking more water, adding a supplement like these green tablets can’t hurt either! Just keep them in your bag and pop one into a glass of water for an extra dose of healthy greens and vitamins!

As for other ways to keep skin hydrated, I’ve been really interested in trying out a hydrating mist like this one from Herbivore. I love every Herbivore product that I’ve tried, so I’m sure I’d love this one too! Ideally, I’d keep this in my bag and spritz my face throughout the day for a little extra hydration! I typically find that towards the end of the day, my skin doesn’t look as bright and full as it does in the morning, so I’m hoping this helps!

Healthy Hair

When it comes to my hair, I’m low maintenance—even more so in the summer. I’ve been on the hunt for a safer shampoo that works well at cleaning my hair and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy. I’m dying to try this Balance Shampoo from AG Hair. It’s made with apple cider vinegar that does an amazing job of cleansing hair without over-drying it.

As for styling, I typically air-dry my hair year during the warmer months and simply spray a texturizing sea salt spray like this Sea Mist while it’s still damp. It gives you that carefree and effortless “I just left the beach” look that I love!

Simple Makeup

If I can get away with wearing less makeup, I’m a happy camper summer is the perfect time. My skin usually looks clearer and has a bit of a tan! Plus, how gross is the feeling of heavy makeup on a hot day? I always start with SPF, typically this Coola primer like I mentioned above. I’d also love to try this one from Kypris as I’ve heard amazing things about this brand! Has anyone tried it?! If my skin is pretty clear, I’ll just use a light foundation or concealer and blush after that!

The foundation that I have now doesn’t have SPF in it because I start with that primer, but if you don’t want to add an extra step, you might try something like a BB Cream that’s got great coverage and SPF all in one product!

The final touch to my summer makeup routine is mascara and a pretty lip color. I like wearing pinks during the summer because it feels so bright and fun! RMS Beauty makes such pretty colors!

Is is getting warm where you live? What changes do you make to your skincare routine during summer?

BTW, berry and cacao energy bites, and a summer-ready outfit.

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