The Weekly Favorites

weekly top sellers | The Weekly Favorites

1. Cable-Knit Sweater | 2. Grey Lamp | 3. Leopard Cardigan | 4. Fur-Lined Sneakers| 5. Fleece-Lined Leggings | 6. Slatted Wood Back Chair | 7. Smocked Midi Dress | 8. Ankle Socks | 9. Upholstered Bench

Finally, the weekend!! This week felt long as we were in the final stretch of our basement renovation and I am so excited that it’s complete! We’ll be spending our weekend moving furniture in there, decorating and organizing the boys playroom area. I am SO excited!

Maybe it also felt long because it’s been really cold and we’ve been cooped up inside—this weekend is no exception. Looking forward to warmer days ahead for sure.

The Weekly Favorites

Here are this week’s top sellers:

1. Cable-Knit Sweater: Still one of my favorites, I have this in 2 colors and wear a size small. Tip, dry it flat and don’t put it in the dryer.

2. Grey Lamp: LOVE the color of these lamps! Target has been killing it with the gorgeous affordable lamps and this one is no exception.

3. Leopard Cardigan: One of my favorites that I wore earlier this week. It’s a good weight and so cute.

4. Fur-Lined Sneakers: My favorite winter sneakers are on major sale!

5. Fleece-Lined Leggings: I could probably live in fleece-lined leggings, brb while I go order a few pairs.

6. Slatted Wood Back Chair: These remind me of the chairs in our living room, but they’re a fraction of the cost! Soooo pretty!

7. Smocked Midi Dress: It seems some of you have warm weather on the mind too! We’re going to Florida in April and I love love love this dress!

8. Ankle Socks: I can’t live without these. I wear them to workout in and with all my cute sneakers too. They’re the perfect height and stay on your feet.

9. Upholstered Bench: Saw this beauty in person and can confirm it looks and feels way more expensive than it is. Thinking about it for in front of our fireplace if we move the current cubes into the basement.

Hope you have a good, relaxing weekend friends!

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