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17 Heart-Inspired Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love

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These gorgeous, heart-inspired Valentine’s Day nail ideas will give you tons of inspiration for your next manicure.

17 Heart-Inspired Valentine's Day Nail Ideas You'll Absolutely Love |

Admittedly, it’s been a long time since I painted my nails, but when I came across these cute Valentine’s Day nail ideas, I started thinking, is it time to paint them again?

You might be wondering, why don’t you paint your nails. Well, there’s a few reasons—first, I’m lazy. I love skincare, but when it comes to my nails, I like ease and years of not wearing polish has made my nails grow strong. Reason number two—I have kids. Lastly, I cook and clean a lot, so when my polish inevitably gets chipped, I get annoyed.

But despite that, I am obsessed with these and feeling like I should switch it up this year. It is winter after all. I might as well add some color and fun where I can, right?

These designs are so cute, simple and I love that there’s ideas for neutral nails, and some that are more bright and fun. The only question is—which would you pick?

You can of course take these to your nail salon for inspiration, but some of the simpler ones can be done at home with a steady hand.

Tips for Growing Longer Nails

One thing I noticed with almost all of these designs is that these ladies have some amazing, long nails to work with. If you’re struggling to get your nails long and strong, here are a few simple tips to help grow longer nails

Use a Cuticle Oil Daily

Cuticle oil can improve blood flow and make it easier to grow stronger nails overtime.

Liquid Collagen

I naturally have pretty thick nails, but when I started taking liquid collagen regularly, I couldn’t believe just how fast they grew! This doesn’t happen overnight, but within a few months, I noticed a major difference. I use Modere’s Life collagen and thought it worked really well for nails and hair growth.

Take a Skin, Hairs & Nail Vitamin

There are so many vitamins like biotin out there today that promise to grow your nails. What I’ve found is that healthy skin, hair and nails absolutely starts with what you nourish your body with. While taking a vitamin like this one can definitely help, eating a healthy diet will be your best bet for improving all areas of your health.

Do note that if you have oily, breakout-prone skin, biotin can make your skin oilier—I learned this from experience.

Avoid Toxic Polishes or Glue-Ons

These will weaken your nails overtime, so avoid them whenever possible. Not sure which polishes are non-toxic? These 3 non-toxic nail polish brands are some tried and true ones that I’ve used and love.

Give your Nails a Break

As someone who has now given my nails a years-long break, I can tell you that the best way to get great nails, is to not have them constantly covered in polish. Give them a break now and then to let them grow and heal.

17 Heart-Inspired Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love

1. French Tips with Tiny Hearts

heart nails
Image via

A simple upgrade to a standard manicure by adding tiny red hearts. This would be so cute with any color of heart too, even something simple and neutral like tan or brown.

2. Ring Finger Hearts

matte heart nails
Image via

The ring-finger stand-out is a classic and one I actually love because I tend to lean more minimalist. This matte polish is so unique too.

3. Floating Hearts Nail Idea

Image via

Another more minimalist Valentine’s nail design. A simple creamy polish with tiny red hearts. This is one you could probably do yourself or with a little help from a friend.

4. Colorblock Heart Nail Ideas

Image via

This one is more intricate, but I love it! I also love how they change the polish color on the ring finger again for something unique and unexpected.

5. Random Hearts Valentines Nail Design

Image via

My favorite thing about this Valentines day nail inspiration is that each nail is a little different. I love some asymmetry and this has it going on!

6. Blue Hearts Nails Design

Image via

If pink and red aren’t your jam, try this blue heart-inspired design that’s absolutely adorable. You could easily use this nail design anytime of the year.

7. Black & Pink

Image via

If you prefer a dark nail, try this instead of the traditional pink and red. Dark nails in black, or even a dark brown would be so pretty. Then add a single pink or white heart to the mix!

8. Surprise Heart

Image via

Up-level a simple manicure with two tiny tweaks. One finger is solid (the pinky here), and one is solid but has a heart too. Such a cute and simple way to change thing ups without going wild.

9. Three Hearts in a Row Nail Idea

Image via

I stopped my scroll for this one—how fun are the red tips and the tiny 3 hearts in a row. Love this one so much! Again, if you prefer something more neutral, just swap out the color and you’re done.

10. Checkered Heart

Image via

In my opinion, this one is better left to the pros unless you’ve got some serious skills! I love the red tips and the checkered nails are so impressive!

11. Multi-Colored Tips & Hearts

Image via

This one is sort of a combination of some of the other designs. The tips are all different colors, and then the ring-finger has cute little hearts on it.

12. Tied with a Knot

Image via

What a fun, simple Valentine’s Day nail. Just a simple polish and then this cute, heart-knotted design to finish them up.

13. Black Mini Hearts Nail Design

Image via

Okay, this one might be my favorite of them all! I love the neutral nails and then tiny little black hearts, such a fun and simple design. Best of all, it’ll match anything you put on.

14. Pastel Candy Hearts Nails

Image via

If you’re a color lover, this one is for you! Mix and match pastels and then do 1 or 2 nails with tiny heart designs using the same colors.

15. Gold Hearts Nail Design

Image via

Another favorite of mine from this round-up. A simple neutral polish topped with little hearts in white and gold.

16. XOXO Nails Design

Image via

Add something extra with the “XO” design on another finger for fun. Keep the remaining fingers solid to balance out the designs without getting too busy.

17. Barbie Pink Hearts Nails

Image via

How fun are these hot pink tips combined with the solid pink nails with white hearts—love them so much.

I hope these cute Valentines nail ideas got you inspired to do something fun and spontaneous with your nails this month! Which one was your favorite?

BTW, 6 tips for growing long healthy hair, and how to easily clean your makeup brushes at home.



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