Health & Happiness Challenge No. 1

Health and Wellness Challenge!

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Happy Monday everyone! I’m really really excited about today’s post because it’s been a long time coming. A few months ago, I decided I wanted to start a new series here all about health and happiness in addition to the wellness content that you’ve already started to see more of. I’m thrilled to finally be launching this new series and I hope you guys like it too! I’m also launching another something exciting today, but more on that at the end!

If you’ve been around here a while, you’ll know that my personal health and happiness has become extra important to me this year. Though, I’m not sure why I waited so long to make it a priority! Anyway, it all really started at the end of last year. We’d decided I’d go off birth control this year and I wanted to set myself up for a successful and healthy pregnancy as well as give our future baby the best I could. That served as major inspiration for making big changes in my diet and lifestyle. The part I wasn’t expecting was how much it would change my life. Since then it’s become a major focus and priority of mine and has been something I’ve really loved sharing with you guys. So many of you have opened up about your own struggles and it really means so much that you feel comfortable enough sharing with me—I love it! I hope that this series only encourages you to keep making healthier choices to lead you to an even happier way of living!

The point of this series isn’t just about getting healthy for health’s sake. It’s also meant to help you tap into a happier more fulfilling way of life, so some challenges will be focused on cultivating happiness, while others will be more focuses on healing your body. To me, it all goes hand in hand! So, shall we?!

wellness challenge: set judgement aside

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Health & Happiness Challenge No. 1

Leave Judgement at the Door

When I first started making big changes to my diet and lifestyle, I got a lot of feedback—most of it unwanted and very judgey (if that’s a word). Some people told me that the things I was trying wouldn’t make a difference, some laughed, some people considered it all a little too ‘granola’. While it was tough to hear those things, I decided that I would be the final judge of anything I tried, and I’d give those things and honest go and fully dive in before deciding whether or not it was for me.

It’s easy to brush off ideas or practices that are foreign to us as silly, but I find that most of those reactions are rooted in fear of the unknown. Meditating, doing yoga or drinking green juice can all seem a little scary if they’re something we haven’t tried or seen the benefits of firsthand, and it’s easier to write them off as useless than to actually try them for ourselves.

But, when you start making big changes, you’re most likely going to get pushed out of your comfort zone—and it’s okay! In fact, I welcome these unique learning experiences! I’ve also learned that it can be so hard to ignore other people’s reactions.

Maybe your problem isn’t outside criticism. Maybe it’s your own judgement or pre-conceived ideas that are holding you back. I get it! If none of your friends or family have tried meditation, you might think there’s no point, and that brings me to the very first health & happiness challenge (wahoo!!!). The first challenge is all about leaving your own judgement (and others’) at the door while you let yourself explore something new. When you remove judgement, you allow yourself to explore without worrying about how silly or stupid you might feel. Letting go of judgement also allows you to fully experience whatever you’re trying and gives you a chance to believe in it and feel the benefits for yourself before deciding whether or not it’s for you.

What will you do this week with no judgement? Take a yoga class, try meditation, say a morning mantra out loud in the mirror, spend an evening with no technology, eat vegetarian once a day, try a new workout class, chant ‘om’ in your bedroom?! Whatever it is, I want to know! I just started a new hashtag, #FSxBeWell, so feel free to tag it so I can see what you’re up to!

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Whatever it is, focus on going in with an open mind and enjoy the process! This week, I’m trying barre class for the first time. Being pregnant and working out can be tough and I’m focusing on not judging my performance in class and instead just enjoying it and being happy that I’m doing something good for my body!

Okay, now switching gears just little bit…

As excited as I am about this new series, I might be more excited about the wellness and safer beauty email series that launches today! It’s called Be Well! It will land in your inboxes every Friday morning and deliver you a dose of encouragement, tips, personal stories, favorite products & more… so you can live radiantly!

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Like I mentioned, I’ve really become passionate about my health and well-being this year and I’m literally bursting at the seams to share more with you guys! This email series has probably been some of the easiest writing I’ve done because it’s something I’m genuinely so excited about and I really hope you decide to sign up! If you’d like to, click here or on the button above to join the email series! I can’t wait to chat with you on Friday mornings!

On that note, I’m off to celebrate the launch of the challenge & email series with my collagen cappuccino and an extra long walk with Oliver this morning!

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