What Was Your Pandemic Passion Project?

woman in white dress with her paintings for Pandemic Passion Project

Being stuck at home for weeks on end made us all get a little creative this year. If anything, it forced us to try new things, get back in touch with the child inside and explore something different. It started off a bit like a joke, like well, I might as well make sourdough, I have nothing else going on! Who else tried their hand at sourdough?! I did, but like to throw in there I had mastered my recipe far before the pandemic hit!

With so many jobs being paused or lost this year, due to the company, or maybe your own circumstances, I saw so many people get creative with their time. We had to! As a mom, running a business while also being a full-time mom is no easy feat. Actually, impossible to do both well. We all had to adjust, tweak and figure out a new sense of normal.

But, a lot of creative ingenuity has come from this year too!

woman showing her painting which is her Pandemic Passion Project

More and more I’ve seen people turn lemons into lemonade and go after something they’ve been passionate about for years. I’ve seen countless new small businesses pop up. Most of these businesses I’ve seen pop up are born from passion and soul and a desire to share it with the world, and maybe finally give their dreams a chance. It makes me so happy to see people doing work that fulfills them. You can literally feel it!

The pandemic taught us that life is short, and that it’s good to feel good, so do what you love. People quitting day jobs to open embroidery shops, start baking cookies, designing a clothing line, hosting wellness workshops, diving into interior design projects for friends, launching a balloon company and so many more!

It allowed us all to dig into that creative, more passionate side and wow, it’s so amazing to see people and friends find something they truly love doing.

Painting was that for me, and it’s literally cracked open this part of me that I almost forgot was there. So much peace and joy comes from days spent listening to music and getting lost in my work.

woman in white dress sharing her paintings

Passion to Business

Maybe your passion project hasn’t turned into a business, but simply a new hobby! That’s good too, we all need more happy and passion in our lives, don’t you think? My latest hobby has been gardening and also DIY projects since we bought our first house this year—I recently completed beadboard paneling in our powder bath and felt pretty proud of myself!

I’d love to know and hear what passion projects were born or grew during the pandemic. Which ones turned into businesses? How are they going? How does it make you feel?! I’d love to share some of your new businesses to help get the word out, so feel free to drop your handle, website, or whatever below and I’ll do a whole post with it in there! Can’t wait to see what all of you have been up to this year!

BTW, what hobbies do you have, and how to commission a painting, and you can also follow me on Instagram.

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