Where are you Going this Summer?

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Can you believe I said summer there?! It does feel like spring just arrived, but once May hits, my brain just goes into summer mode and we’re nearly there!

We’ve already got a few trips on our calendar for the summer months and we’re hoping to plan a few more. One of those is hopefully going to be a trip for just Rob and I. We’ve been meaning to get this trip booked for the longest time, but life keeps happening and pushing it back.

It’s not a good excuse, and we know that too. So, we’re working on planning something awesome for just the two of us while Owen hangs with his grandparents.

summer dress outfit
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So far, here’s what we’ve got on our calendar!


We’ve had this one on the calendar for a while and I can’t wait (especially since we leave TODAY!) We’re heading to Louisville for a long weekend with Shaheen, Trevor & Zain. I can’t believe they’ve lived in Kentucky for nearly a year and this will be our first time to visit.

Ironically, it doesn’t feel that long at all because Shaheen and I still talk on the phone almost every morning, haha!


We’re heading to Florida for a week—I cannot tell you the last time we took a week long trip. That sounds crazy, but lately, all of our trips have been long weekend trips at the most.

We’re going with Rob’s whole family, which should be so fun. His sister, Adria is expecting and I can’t wait to see her! She’s not due til August, but she’s getting there! It’ll probably give me crazy baby fever, but oh well.

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I’m still figuring out the details for this, but I’m heading to Dallas with Owen for a maybe a week. Rob will come down for a few days to see my family, grandparents and our friends that still live there. I always love visiting Texas this time of the year because we get to go to the pool. It’s also just so relaxing being home with my parents. Maybe I’ll convince one or both of my sisters to come too… ha!


We’ll be going to Denver for Adria’s baby shower! We’ll stay there for the weekend and possibly drive over to Aspen where my parents will be for a while. Who knows, still working on that, but either way, it will be nice. I absolutely love going to the mountains in the summer.

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My youngest sister, Caroline, is having her bachelorette party this summer so we’ll be in Austin for that—she’s moving there this summer and I might be more excited than her, haha! I LOVE Austin! Please share any restaurant recs or cool outdoor activities if you have them! And after that? Not sure yet! Maybe Rob and I will go on our trip sometime this month?!

Okay, now tell me—where are you going this summer?!

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