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12 of the Best Faux Houseplants

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best faux houseplants

1. Faux Montserra | 2. Faux Lime Pothos | 3. Faux Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig | 4. Faux Potted Cactus | 5. 7′ Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig | 6. Faux Potted Burro’s Tail | 7. Faux Birds of Paradise | 8. Faux Ranunculus | 9. Faux Ficus Tree | 10. Faux Cherry Blossom Branches | 11. Faux Snake Plant| 12. Faux Potted Succulent

If you’ve never had a green thumb, this post is for you!

As much as I love our houseplants, and love caring for them, it’s hard work, and I’ve been known to kill a plant here or there. There’s also some areas in our house that really need a pop of green that only a plant can bring, but don’t get enough light for one to thrive. In this instance, a gorgeous faux houseplant is perfect!

Fake plants used to look sooo bad, but now they make them so realistic and beautiful, you wouldn’t even know they were fake until you get up close and personal. Real plants can also be expensive, and if you manage to kill it, then it feels like a major loss.

While some of these are on the more expensive side, the good news, you’ll never have to buy another one again! Thinking from that perspective, faux plants are actually a lot more economical than some larger house plants.

I rounded up the best, most realistic ones I could find! We have this faux fidlle in Rob’s office and it’s gorgeous, so beautiful that I’m planning on getting the 7′ one for our front room!

Do you have any fake houseplants?!

BTW, how to keep your houseplants thriving, and 15 affordable finds for your home.



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