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I'm Blair Staky

Here you'll find my minimalist outfit ideas, styling tips to help you get more out of your closet, and beauty tips from simple skincare to taking care of your hair, and wellness hacks so you can feel amazing everyday.

After having kids, my personal style evolved—comfort and ease became the goal, and I'm proving that simple outfits and classic style are anything but boring. My hope is that you're inspired to live a little slower and more intentionally so you can look and feel your best—inside and out.

I'm a mom to two little boys who loves getting dressed, cooking delicious meals and spending time outdoors in my garden or on a walk.

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Why the minimalist approach?

If you would have asked me 10 years ago if minimalism was for me, I'd laugh in your face. I was never known for being the tidiest and always had little piles of stuff around the house, closets and drawers overflowing and had a hard time letting go of stuff. 

After having kids, that completely changed. 

I quickly realized the amount of stuff in our home—toys, clothes, gadgets, and all the extra stuff was making me stressed and anxious on a regular basis. What started with an organizing project has turned into a passion for living with less mess. 

Removing the visual clutter from the countertops and my closet has been incredibly freeing and lightened the mental load immensely. I know how easy it can be let kids things stack up in your house, so let's protect our peace where we can. 

For me, that really started with my personal style (and removing the excess clutter from the kitchen!). Transforming my own wardrobe has allowed me to feel more confident in my skin and  buy less because these pieces are versatile. My style is made up of classic basics with a trend mixed in here and there. I'm not above an Amazon buy, but prefer to buy something I know will last. 

I hope these outfits, style tips and more inspire you to get rid of the excess and build a wardrobe you love and that works for your life. 

About Me

I'm a mom, wife, web designer, and home cook. The Fox & She was born from a desire to share the things in life that bring me joy in hopes that it inspires you to live a life you love.

I'm originally from Dallas, TX, graduated from TCU with a degree in advertising and public relations, then went on to launch my own web design business and blog. Shortly after graduating, my now-husband and I moved to Chicago where we spent nine years. There, we got married and had our first son, Owen. We've since moved to Denver and had our second child, Jack, bought our first home and have settled into life in the Mile High City.

I believe that we get to choose every day how we live and I hope this website inspires to do the things that light you up and make you the best version of yourself.

xo, Blair 

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