My Favorite Clean Beauty Brands

best non-toxic beauty brands

Before this year, I never thought much about the products I was using. I figured that the department store brands were better than the drugstore ones, but never looked much further than that. As my wellness journey continues, I’ve been made aware of how important it is to know what I’m putting on my skin. So many products are made up with toxic, endocrine-disrupting chemicals and over the past few months, I’ve been replacing old products with new, cleaner versions and have been having so much fun!

If you missed last week’s post on why it’s worth rethinking your skincare and beauty products, it’s worth a read if you’re not convinced that clean beauty really is better for you!

I’ve been using a combination of the products from the brands below and I really love them. Plus, they all really nailed their packaging, which makes them even more fun to use! I know there are so many amazing brands out there, and I’m open to trying new ones, so if you have a clean beauty brand you love, please share it in the comments! I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s curious!

favorite clean beauty brands
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Tata Harper

The first product I tried from Tata Harper was their Resurfacing Mask, which is amazing and reminds me that I need to get a refill on that asap! On a whim I bought their eye cream when I realized my old one had two ingredients from last week’s naughty list. I like it a lot and use it in the morning. Make sure it’s fully absorbed before applying makeup!


All of their products are based on probiotic technology and I absolutely LOVE them. A few of my favorites are the Exfoliating Mask, Overnight Treatment, Eye Serum. I really want to try their Advanced Neck Cream because I’m starting to notice that my neck is always dry.

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Beautycounter charcoal balancing mist


I tried a ton of BeautyCounter products last month and fell in love with a few. I just ordered the full sized Day Cream (that Rob and I share), Charcoal Balancing Mist, Brightening + Vitamin C mask and the Night Cream for Rob. They’re all gentle, yet effective and I can see this being a brand that I continue to try more of because of their extremely high standards. I still have a small sample of the Rejuvenating Eye Cream which I love in the mornings because it has a little caffeine in it that helps with dark circles and puffiness.

Juice Beauty

I haven’t tried a ton of Juice Beauty, but if GP loves it, it’s good enough for me. I have their Blemish Clearing Serum, which works really well, but is far gentler than some other acne products I’ve used in the past and doesn’t over dry my skin. I also love that they have makeup! Has anyone tried it?

best clean beauty brands

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Herbivore is one the newest brands that I’ve tried, and I’m obsessed! I love their Lapis Balancing Facial Oil (yes, you should use this if you have oily skin), bamboo charocal soap, and just bought their Blue Tansy mask, which is similar to Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask, as well as their MoonFruit Night Treatment. At night I put the MoonFruit on and then massage a few drops of the facial oil into my skin for extra hydration!


The next area that I’m aiming to clean up is my makeup. I haven’t done nearly as much research on this, but do know that BeautyCounter and Juice Beauty both make a good selection of clean makeup products—have you tried either? Let me know what you think. If you have other non-toxic makeup brands that you love, I’m all ears!

BTW, how to easily clean your makeup brushes, and why you should reconsider your beauty products.

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