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Today is my 26th birthday and I really couldn’t be any happier spending it with my sisters in Munich. This won’t be the first birthday that I spend in another country. Twenty-two was spent in the nastiest hostel on earth in Edinburgh, Scotland. Despite the nasty hostel, it was a memorable night spent with good friends.

This year will be fairly similar. I’m just changing out sisters for my friends and Germany for Scotland. Thankfully this year’s hostel is cleaner too.

As if being in Europe on my birthday isn’t special enough, I got a little gift in the mail from Anthropologie for being an ‘Anthro’ member and naturally, I decided to treat myself to a little shopping. It is my birthday, right? I already love Anthropologie, but this little birthday surprise I get each year, just really is the icing on the cake. I’m always needing new clothes at this time of year as the season is changing, so it’s really perfect!

I’m really loving all these goodies, but those sandals. Oh. My. Goodness. I think I need them. My closet is lacking in the sandal department — thank you Chicago winters. What do you think? I’ll have to decide when I return, but the fact that I’m still thinking about them is a telling sign.

For the rest of the night, it’s the weinerschnitzel, spaetzle, the Hoffbrauhaus and plenty of steins for us! Enjoy your weekend!

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