El Fin De Semana


photos courtesy of my friends & their instagram accounts

I hope everyone else had as awesome of a Cinco de Mayo as I di.! Friday night I had dinner with some girlfriends and got to bed super early, which probably sounds lame, but it’s exactly what I wanted to do that night. For whatever reason, I was absolutely exhausted after this week and a full night’s rest felt amazing.

Then came Saturday. Our sweet friends threw a Cinco de Arleigh & Blair party to celebrate our birthdays (way early!) since we’ll both be gone on our actual birthdays. It was a seriously amazing day and party! It was complete with sombreros, margaritas, moroccos and a fair amount of drinking games and tequila shots. And did I mention the color orange? Almost every single girl at the party had something orange in their outfit…sorta crazy.

Anyway, I couldn’t have asked for a better group to celebrate with! I had so much fun and felt like I was in college again. Thanks to Christine, Lauren and Melanie for planning such a fun party. I feel so lucky to call these girls my friends!

Sunday night, Rob and I went out for one final Cinco de Mayo celebration at our favorite Tex-Mex place in Chicago, El Tapatio. At the end of dinner, a 10-man mariachi band came in and played music for at least 20 minutes. It was definitely the cherry on top of an already awesome weekend.



So now that it’s Monday, I’m finding that I don’t really have the blues after a weekend like that. And to make things better, the cone head’s cone is gone. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that a little over a week ago, the poor little fox has his manhood stolen from him. But the cone came off today and we’re all feeling a lot better – more sleep, better walks and no more running into walls.

Today also marks my one week countdown to my sister trip! More on that soon, but for now, gotta get to work. Happy Monday to you all!

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