Gift Ideas for Her (You, Your Sister, & Your Best Friend)

1. Faux Shearling Coat, I have this one in a 36 and love it! | 2. Convertible Styling Wand with Interchangeable Barrel | 3. Cozy Knit Sweater, I have this in a small and LOVE it! more colors here | 4. Marcie Bag, splurge-worthy—this is my favorite (and only) designer bag | 5. Button-Fly Raw Hem Skinny Jeans | 6. Wubby Fleece Pullover, the coziest thing EVER | 7. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer | 8. Mia Contrast Sweater | 9. Gingham Scarf | 10. Transforming Lip Duo, adjusts to your shade instantly | 11. Cruz Knit Sneaker | 12. Oversized Alpaca Crewneck | 13. Rip & Repair Skinny Jeans | 14. Pom Pom Beanie, more colors here | 15. Saltwater Boots | 16. Heeled Chelsea Boots | 17. Cocoon Coat, such a classic coat! more colors here | 18. Cropped Faux Fur Jacket

I always love putting this gift guide together because it’s a combination of things I love and already own and things that are on my list too! I really tried to not go overboard and give you too many ideas, but at the same time I wanted you to have lots of options, so I included a few more below as well!

Happy happy shopping!!

Gift Ideas for Her


For the longest time I got away with having two pairs of jeans, even though one pair was thread-bare because it’s just not something I liked to buy for myself. That meant I only had the essentials and no fun pairs, even though I loved them! I love both this black pair (I have these! worn in this post) and these ripped, raw-hem skinnies. A few of my favorite brands for affordable and really cute jeans are Madewell, Levi’s, Everlane and Blank Denim.



Beauty products are another one of those things that I don’t always like to buy for myself, but I’m so happy when I have them! With my new haircut, a new curling iron and better hair dryer are on my list. Earlier this year I got to go to an event with Dyson and tried their hair dryer—I was instantly hooked and it’s on my list this year! It’s a splurge, but if you dry your hair every day, it’s probably worth it. It dries your hair 8 minutes faster with less heat than a traditional hair dryer. It’s also super light and leaves your hair extra shiny.

I’m also dying to get this lip transforming duo. It adjusts to a subtle pink to match your skin tone instantly and it’s clean! It’d be a perfect little gift for your best friend or a stocking stuffer!

Make sure to check out my favorite clean beauty retailers, Sephora and Beautycounter, for sales that might happen next week! In full transparency, I have NO idea if or what sales will be offered, but crossing my fingers!


I almost always get my sisters a sweater for Christmas! You can’t go wrong with them! I love a good neutral one, which is why I included several of those. I love the v-neck detail on this one. In my efforts to keep this gift guide to a manageable size, I did not include all the sweaters I found, but included a few more below!



If you need a new winter coat, the holidays is the time to buy one for yourself or put it on your list! There’s no doubt that they can get expensive, so why not get them while they’re on sale or when someone else is doing the shopping, ha! When it comes to coats, I think every girl needs at least two (okay, if you live in a warm climate, you can disregard this!)—a super warm puffer for those freezing cold, snowy days and a beautiful wool coat that you can wear to work, parties, weddings or date nights! I added a few more of my favorites!

Another trend that I’m obsessed with is the teddy coat. Technically it doesn’t fall into either of those categories, but it’s a great third coat to have. They’re so fuzzy and warm and I just love the way they look! I rounded up a bunch of teddy coats in this post and wore my newest teddy coat in this post.

Boots & Shoes

I’m such a shoe lover! Even when I was little my mom said I had a huge collection of them. To this day, it’s still my favorite accessory, which explains why I only have a few handbags (p.s. this classic tote is a great gift for any girl), but way too many shoes. I got a pair of short snow boots like these last year and I wear them all the time. Another must have is a good brown leather or suede bootie. This pair is gorgeous and reminds me of the boots from this post that you guys all asked about!

Lastly, sneakers! These are my jam right now. I just got these GREATS white sneakers that are so cute and also really love this pair with the shearling. Another pair I’d LOVE to have? Golden Goose. They’re pricey, but I love them! For as much as I wear sneakers, maybe it’s worth it!?

Gifts Under $50

Some of the items above fall into this category, but I got a lot of requests for gifts under $50, so I wanted to throw in a few more that fit the bill!


Fun Gifts for Best Friends—All Under $30

These fun little gifts won’t break the bank, but are so perfect for your best friend, gift exchange, your kid’s teachers or as a little stocking stuffer.

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