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I'm Blair Staky

web designer, blogger, artist, mom & wife

Guest Bedroom Mattress + Update

I'm a web designer, SEO nerd, artist, mom and wife. Here I share tidbits of my life, recipes my family loves and my favorite products.

I'm Blair Staky

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idle sleep Guest Bedroom Mattress

When we found our house, I was SO happy that it had a guest bedroom! We’ve never had an extra place for guests to stay. And even better, it’s in the basement with its own bathroom. So, when people do come to visit they’ve got their own dedicated space away from our crazy toddler and won’t have to share a bathroom with him either.

It might seem like a little thing, but after traveling to visit family for every holiday over the past 8 years, I’ve learned how important it is to have a comfortable, great space for guests to stay to make them feel comfortable and at ease in your home.

One of the things that was essential in our guest bedroom was a king-sized mattress. It’s a little luxury that makes their stay so much better. I know from experience!

The room we stay in at my parents’ house used to have a queen-sized bed. It had a dip in the middle and we’d both sleep terribly the whole week. Combine that with early-rising toddlers and occasional late nights, it was a recipe for exhaustion. I’d always be so happy to go home at the end of the week, just to sleep in a big bed again.

We finally convinced my parents to get king-sized beds, and it made the biggest difference. Not only was there enough space, but they were so much more comfortable too.

Since we made such a big deal about it to my parents, it seemed silly to not get a king for our guest room.

Guest Bedroom Mattress

guest bedroom decor

We got ours from Idle Sleep—one of those mattress in a box companies, which was so easy! They have the longest sleep trial at 18 months. So you can really be assured you love your mattress before being stuck with it. For our guest room, we went with their Idle Gel Plush. It’s a gel foam mattress with an extra layer of plushness on top. So, you lay on it and sink in a bit. But it’s still firm enough underneath, not super squishy if that makes sense.

Right now, you can get 50% off a foam mattress with code THEFOX50—HALY OFF GUYS!!!!!

It actually arrived the weekend my sister and brother-in-law were visiting and they got to test it out. They said it was amazing! I’ve tested it out too and have definitely considered switching our king mattress with this one because it’s so dang comfy! We’re looking at getting Owen one for this big boy room too—can’t believe we’re about to take on that big transition.

bright guest bedroom

It arrived in just a few days too, which was great! If you’re looking to refresh your guest room before the holidays or looking for a new mattress for your own bed, I highly highly recommend Idle Sleep!

Updates For This Room

We are still looking to get a new overhead flush mount light that has more or bigger lightbulbs so it’s brighter at night. It also needs side tables with some lamps or wall scones, and possibly new bedding. You can’t really see it here, but there are some puppy paw print stains that I can’t get out and it just looks a bit dirty, even though it’s not!

When you stay at someone else’s house, what makes your stay extra special?

BTW, 10 tips for getting better sleep naturally, and 5 amazing health benefits of CBD oil.

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