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10 Unexpected Ways to Find Joy in Every Day

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I'm a mom of two boys living in Denver. The Fox & She is where I share my easy outfit ideas, style tips, beauty hacks and wellness tips for inspired, happier living—everyday.

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how to be happier

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As I get older, I find that there is so much joy and happiness to be found in the everyday. For the first year of Owen’s life, I felt like I was in such a funk. Adjusting to life with kids is weird and tough and there’s no manual. It just takes some time to figure it out.

Somedays, I’d rush through things, get easily frustrated and end up upset with myself. I’ve come to realize just how fleeting this season of life is and I don’t want to spend it frustrated, angry or annoyed.

So, I chose not to.

It’s not a perfect practice, and there’s plenty of days I’m stressed, get angry and yell at my kid. No mama is perfect!

But, I’ve found myself falling into a better, healthier and happier routine with my little family. It starts with consciously choosing joy day in and day out.

Here’s a few of the best ways to find joy in life when you feel like you’re in a rut or just generally want to be happier!

How to Find Joy in Life

1. Clean your House

I know, I know, cleaning your house doesn’t exactly feel fun or joyful in the moment, but I actually find that this brings me immense amounts of joy. I thrive off a clean, tidy space. Tidy house, tidy mind! It keeps me calm, cool and collected.

I also happen to love the cleaning products I use, so that too helps make this a joyful experience and one that I get to continue to enjoy until my toddler and husband destroys it again.

2.  Burn a Candle or Diffuse Oils

Scent really sets the mood, doesn’t it? Whenever I’m feeling particularly worked up or stressed, I light a candle or diffuse some essential oils and suddenly all feels okay. For whatever reason, both of these things just make me feel relaxed at home!

how to be happy
how to find joy
Eyelet Pieces

3. Do a Face Mask and Have a Cup of Tea

My ultimate favorite thing to do when it comes to self-care. I find it tough sometimes to squeeze in some me time between running a business, raising a toddler, cooking dinner, doing laundry—ya know—all the things! As nice as it sounds, some days I’m just to dang tired.

I’ve started making this a priority several times a week. Not only does my skin see the benefit, but man do I feel good when I take that time. It feels like such a luxury and always makes me sleep great too. This charcoal mask and this soothing mask are two of my favorites.

4. Go for a Walk Outside

And, leave your phone at home! I’m so guilty at trying to be productive during every moment of every day. Part of being an entrepreneur I guess? But, we all need more moments where we are unconnected from technology and others. Spending just 20-30 minutes outside can be a total mood changer.

Years ago when I was running my design business, I’d go for a walk anytime I got stuck on a piece of code that wasn’t working how I wanted. I’d leave my phone at home, head out and often the answer would come to me on the walk. It’s crazy how walking can really help get your wheels turning!

5. Give a Compliment

Fun fact, spreading joy actually brings joy to you too. Plus, it’s fun. Surprising a loved one or a stranger with a kind, unexpected compliment is such a treat. Their face will literally light up, and even though it might seem like a small thing, you never know much impact it could have on their day.

how to find joy in life
how to be happy with what you have
Spring Mules

6. Be Happy Now

Maybe this one should have been first, because I think we all could use this reminder. How many times have you said, “I’ll be happy when …..” and fill in that blank with whatever you’re waiting on. For me, it’s been a house, feeling like we’re settled (we’re still in a rental), when I make $X,XXX a month.

But guess what? Life is too damn short to wait to be happy until you have all the right things! Another thing I’ve learned is that happiness breeds more happiness. Focus your attention on being happy with the life you have now, and things will only get better.

7. Do a Quick Yoga Flow

I love to do this in the morning. When I say quick, I mean quick—like a minute or two. I do a couple of morning sun salutations to get the blood flowing and wake me up. It also puts me in the mindset of gratitude first thing in the morning and feels good to stretch and move.

8. Write a Gratitude Journal

This practice is another great one to do first thing in the morning. It sets up your day for joy and abundance and makes you realize just how great life is. When I do this (admittedly, not regularly enough), I go through my day with such a different mindset than others.

This can be as simple as bulleting your top 3-5 things you’re grateful for, or a more intense journaling practice—do what works for you, there’s no right or wrong way. This is a great journal that’s quick, easy and guided.

how to be happy routine

9. Meet a Friend for Coffee or a Drink, Just Because

Mom life means that I don’t get to see my friends enough! When someone suggests lunch, coffee or drinks, I’ve started making myself say YES, even if it feels like I have to much to do. Rob is always happy to jump in and help when I have plans one night, and it’s so nice to have a night off!

The only caveat here is, it has to be someone you actually want to meet up with! Don’t force relationships that don’t make you feel great, only do this with people you love being with!

10. Meditate

Meditating can seem intimidating for some, and I get it! I thought it was a little weird at first. But, it’s such a great way to put things in perspective, de-stress and generally put you in a good mood.

If you’re just getting started, I highly suggest the app, Headspace. Andy, one of the co-founders has the most calming voice I’ve ever heard and makes it so easy to feel comfortable trying something new.

What tips do you have for finding joy every single day?

BTW, 7 ways to practice gratitude in the morning, and a simple morning routine for happiness.



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