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I'm Blair Staky

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beautycounter makeup

My Outfit: Silk Bandana, similar, also love this one | Eyelet Top, similar | Denim Shorts // My Makeup: Unseen Primer | Tint Skin Foundation | Mattifying Powder | Matte Bronzer | Illuminating Cream Highlighter | Blush Duo in Tawny/Whisper | Color Outline Eye Pencil in Black | Lip Sheer in Lily

I hope you guys all had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday! It was kind of weird this year, right?! Having it on a Wednesday meant we couldn’t do too much since Rob’s office was only closed on the 4th. But, the upside is that we had two really short weeks, haha!

non toxic makeup and foundation

For probably the past year, I have been on the hunt for a safer foundation that I actually love. As much as I wish I didn’t have to wear foundation, my skin has scars from past breakouts and some discoloration from pregnancy. Obviously, no, I don’t have to wear foundation. But I just feel better and more confident when my skin is looking it’s best, so for now, it’s a part of my makeup routine.

I’ve tried a few different foundations, but keep coming back to this Tint Skin Foundation from Beautycounter. It was one of the first ones I tried when I switched to a clean one and I loved it. But I was in a beauty shop one day and on a whim decided to try a few other ones to see how I liked them.

beautycounter makeup routine

supergoop unseen sunscreen

beautycounter foundation

how to apply foundation

I tried this Vapour liquid foundation and while I loved how it felt on my skin (it’s so light and smooth!). I looked in the mirror and gasped. My skin looked so oily! For someone who has oily skin and has spent my entire life trying to make my face not look greasy, this was the last thing I wanted. That one was instantly out for me. Of course, if you have dry skin and want a dewy look. You might like that! The makeup artist said she was wearing it, and admittedly, I thought her skin looked really oily and greasy, but she liked it! I just prefer something that looks more matte.

The next one I tried was Juice Beauty’s and I actually like that one when the makeup artist put it on me. So I bought it. When I got home, I started second guessing myself. The color had darkened since I left the store and it felt a little heavier than what I was going for. But, I stuck with it and used it for a while.

About half way through June, I got fed up with it. I felt like it made my skin look flakey and didn’t last throughout the day. I also didn’t love how it applied. It’s kind of thick, so unless I applied it seconds after I’d put on moisturizer or primer. It was hard to blend and sometimes could look streaky.

beautycounter mattifying powder

everyday makeup tutorial

beautycounter bronzer

beautycounter illuminating highlighter stick

everyday safer makeup

So, I finally went back to my favorite, our Tint Skin Foundation and I haven’t looked back.

Here’s why it’s my favorite:

• goes on smooth and feels light
• it’s hydrating
• it’s buildable
• my skin continuously looks better and better
• performs well in heat (I’ve had several 100+ humid days and it’s held up beautifully—can’t say the same for the Juice foundation)

I wear our Linen shade in the winter and Sand in the summer. I thought I was going to be tanner and bought Honey, but it was a little dark so I actually mix in a little bit of my Linen tube to get the right color! Still crossing my fingers that I’ll be tan enough to wear it on it’s own in a few weeks! If you end up ordering a color that’s not the right fit, you can return it and try a different one. Or, order two and return the one that doesn’t work!

One other tip for foundation—always start with primer! It looks so much better if you start with primer and usually lasts longer as well! I use this Supergoop primer every single day, even when I’m not wearing makeup because they both have SPF in them and go on lighter than traditional sunscreen.

beautycounter blush duo

beautycounter lip sheer

safe makeup routine

easy everyday makeup

After foundation…

I use the mattifying powder to set everything and brush on a little bit of bronzer around my face. I’ve been using this Illuminating Cream highlighter under my cheekbones for a little contouring. I’m not good at makeup, but this makes it super easy! It would probably blend better with a beauty blender, but I didn’t have one, so I just used my clean fingers.

Next I do my eyes. For everyday makeup, I just use a little black eyeliner and mascara. I love this eye pencil—it goes on super smoothly and doesn’t scratch my eyelids like some other ones have in the past.

The last two steps are a little color!

I never leave the house without blush. I feel like I just look so sleepy without it! Honestly, I love this Tawny/Whisper blush duo because the color is really natural and not overly pink. Finally, lip color. I used to hate lipstick because it dried out my lips and made them look gross, but these lip sheers are super hydrating and just the right amount of color. If you want something a bit bolder, try the Color Intense lipsticks!

That’s it—nothing too crazy, but easy enough for every day.

Do you wear makeup every day? If so, do you use foundation? What foundation do you love?

BTW, how I air dry my hair, and 7 secrets to get glowing skin.