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Minimal in May: Owen’s Stuff

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I'm Blair Staky

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kids closet before
what the closet looked like when I started—yikes! a dumping ground for all the random stuff in our house

I’m back with Part 2 of Minimal in May! Last week’s focus was my own closet and dresser. It’s been a few weeks since I cleaned it out and it still feels SO good. It’s honestly the best motivation to tackle the other areas of the house that are on my list!

Last week before we left town (and pre-vomit baby attack), I focused on Owen’s room, closet and toy area that’s in the living room. I ended up tackling his bathroom a bit too—mostly under the sink because there was a lot of junk in there.

His closet has been an area that I’ve tried to avoid at all costs since we moved in. It’s full of all the random things in our house (basically an in-house storage unit) since he’s not really old enough to need it for clothes just yet.

I started by taking everything out and again, just like with my closet, I was in sheer disbelief at all the stuff that was in there. A box of books and old picture frames (that I set aside to go through later), so many baby things that I didn’t even use the first time around, and other random junk I’d tossed in there saying “I’ll deal with this later”!

cleaning out kids closet

Closet & Dresser

So, even though we don’t store Owen’s current clothes in the closet, we do store all his old baby clothes in there, so I’m lumping these two together for now.

Storage Boxes

I had a few boxes in here already that were sort of organized, but I just kept adding to them so they started just turning into catch-all bins. I wanted to really get them organized and labeled so that someday when I open them up and need to find things, I will actually be able to!

0-3 Months

Surprisingly, this bucket was the most full. I forget just how much stuff little babies require. I had all of his clothes in here, plus swaddles, muslins, burb clothes, hats, socks. Essentially, when I open this box for the new baby, I want just about everything I need for a newborn to be in one spot!

6-9 & 9-12 months

In here I put all the clothes for these two stages—9-12 months at the bottom, and then layered 6-9 and 3-6 on top, so that the 3-6 months things would be at the top when I opened them. A lot of these items sort of blended together, which is why I put them all together. Also, they all fit into one box, so that’s really why they’re all in one place.

I also added our Magic Merlins in here too so they’d be easy to find for that stage.

Non-Clothing Baby Things

In here, I put extra blankets, bottles, pump parts, toys, bottle brushes, bottle dryers, our Solly baby wrap and Baby Bjorn. Basically anything I could find that wasn’t clothes and needed a place to go, I popped in here!

I also labeled all of these so I’ll be able to easily find them when I go looking!

minimal kids closet


His dresser didn’t need much, just a little reorganizing! I did still have a bunch of burp clothes and muslins in there that we hadn’t used in months, so I removed those and packed them away and then refolded all of his clothes and organized the drawers to make a little more sense.

Owen has now realized he can open the drawers at the bottom, so we’ll see how long they stay organized!


Last was toys! This was an area I actually tackled a few weeks ago and it’s made such a difference in our living room. Owen doesn’t go to a Montessori school and I’m honestly not that sure on all the details, but I do like the idea of having less toys out for them to pick from and rotating them on a regular basis so they feel fresh and new (even though they’re not!).

montessori kids play area
minimal kids play area

I put away most of the plastic, obnoxious toys that make sound and replaced them with puzzles, wooden stacking blocks, stacking cups and cars. Any duplicates, I donated, and any broken toys or toys with more than half the pieces missing, I tossed.

We still have our Legos out too because he loves them, and I love them! Not sure what the Montessori viewpoint on Legos is, but I love them!

He’s not good about putting things up on his own just yet, but he does love going over to the shelves and pulling things off. One thing at a time, I suppose!

Our living area is much easier to clean simply because there’s less stuff and I love it!

Owen stays more engaged with the toys he does play with, though his attention span is still pretty short, ha!

My next area that needs to be tackled is my bathroom. The cabinets under the sinks are… well… terrifying, haha! Actually, so is the countertop—bah. My mom hates it, and I get it! I hate it too! There’s so much stuff, so I can’t wait to purge, organize and actually have that whole area look better and be more functional.

What areas of your house have you gone minimal, and what areas are still on your list?!

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