Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50

1. Mama Sweatshirt (also love this Mama Bear sweatshirt) | 2. Insulated Mug (so your coffee actually stays hot!) | 3. Pave Huggies ($14—I wear this pair almost everyday, also love this plain pair) | 4. Glo & Go Mini Oils (my mom LOVED this!) | 5. Gua Sha & Jade Roller Set (use these every morning) | 6. French Lavender Candle | 7. Short Pajamas | 8. Glow Getter Travel Set | 9. Striped Robe | 10. Insulated Wine Glass (going to need this in 3 months!) | 11. Floral Spoon Rest | 12. Knotted Pearl Headband

If you didn’t already know, Mother’s Day is May 10. This year will definitely look a little different, but there’s still reason to celebrate. Actually, I feel like there’s even more reason to celebrate moms this year.

Anyone else feel like they’re in full on mom overdrive? I now cook 3 meals (plus snacks) for everyone everyday, clean up dishes so many times my hands have reached an all new level of dryness, do endless loads of laundry and play with Owen for hours all day. It’s been both wonderful and special, and exhausting and overwhelming.

What I really want for Mother’s Day is not have to do any of my normal duties, take a nap, do a face mask, take a long shower, and an early bedtime. Oh, and maybe go for a walk—SOLO, ha!

What’s on your Mother’s Day celebration list?!

Stay tuned—Monday, I’m sharing a fun at home brunch idea that’ll make the day feel super special despite everything that’s currently going on.

BTW, how we potty trained our toddler, and my current skincare routine.

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