The Best Picks from Shopbop’s Tiered Sale & Our Family’s Thanksgiving Traditions

Hopefully you checked it out yesterday, but if not, the ShopBop Tiered Sale started yesterday! I put a couple of my favorites in that post, but wanted to share a few more of my top picks now that I’ve had a chance to browse through the sale myself!

Shopbop has several of my favorite brands like Madewell, Dolce Vita, Free People, J.O.A., Levi’s, Blank Denim, Line & Dot, Moon River, re:named, WAYF, English Factory, Endless Rose, ASTR the Label, and BB Dakota. They also carry a few higher-priced brands that I only shop during these sales like Faithfull the Brand, dRa, Carolina K, Loeffler Randall, Rebecca Taylor, and Vince.

I also rounded up a few more of my favorites based on specific categories that a lot of you said you were shopping for this year!

Festive Holiday Pieces


Outwear, Jackets & Blazers


Shoes & Boots


Our Thanksgiving Traditions

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that every year we swap houses for the holidays. This year, we’re in Dallas for Thanksgiving. Owen and I have been here since Sunday and Rob gets here today!

For as long as I can remember, when we have Thanksgiving in Dallas, my parents host! I have a lot of extended family that lives in Dallas, even more in the past few years, which makes it a really big celebration. I’m talking both sets of grandparents, an uncle, two aunts and their kids, plus cousins and their babies (well, just one other baby besides Owen)!

I feel really lucky to get along with everyone in my family because it makes the holidays something we all really look forward to. I don’t want to brag, but my family is like, really really fun! That means Thanksgiving is essentially a big party at our house!

My sisters and I usually like to come in as early as work allows us to so that we can help our mama get the house cleaned, table set and decorated and help her prepare all the food! Now that we’re all adults, we all have different tasks. My dad and brother-in-law are in charge of the turkeys (yes, plural). We do one roasted one in the oven and one in the smoker and they’re both SO yummy! The key to a juicy turkey is brining for 24 hours before cooking!

The other “famous” dish we make each year is a stuffing recipe that’s been in our family for years. I don’t eat a lot of gluten these days, but I’m not skimping on the dressing during Thanksgiving, it’s so delicious!

On actual Thanksgiving, instead of having dinner, we actually have a late lunch feast. Typically people start arriving around 11 for drinks, snacks and hanging out. One of the best parts about spending Thanksgiving in Texas is that the weather is usually amazing so we can hang out in the backyard. My dad fires up the chimenea and it makes for another “room” for people to hang out in.

We usually eat around 1:30 or so and serve everything in the kitchen. Before we eat, we say a blessing together in the kitchen and then the feasting begins. I love the idea of family style serving, but with 23 people at two different tables, it doesn’t work very well. So the kitchen turns into a buffet of sorts and everyone gets what they want and finds their spot in the kitchen.

We still have an adults’ and kids’ table, but most of us at the kids’ table are actually adults, haha! After our meal, there’s obviously pie, though I usually wait a few hours before that, I’m normally too full. We spend the rest of the afternoon hanging out in the yard, watching football, babies will nap, and slowly family members filter out and head home. Often, our cousins hang out into the night, or come back later in the evening for wine and leftovers.

It’s really a full-day event at our home and is such a blast! I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks and got as much work done before this past weekend so that I could just hang out and spend time with my family once I got in town. It’s been so much fun already and I can’t wait for tomorrow!

P.S. Don’t forget that Cyber Week deals have already started and will continue to pop up over the next few days. I have a full post coming on that soon that’ll make your shopping easier and less stressful—stay tuned! And make sure you’re signed up for my emails so you get the first update!

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