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Pendant Lights for the Kitchen

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25 kitchen pendant lights at all different price points

25 Pendant Lights for the Kitchen

1. Stargazer Pendant | 2. Dome Pendant | 3. Taylor Pendant | 4. Nehalem Pendant | 5. Brass Pendant | 6. Shelby Mod Pendant | 7. Lantern Pendant

8. Beldin Brass Pendant | 9. Gold Pendant Light | 10. Spun Cone Pendant | 11. Conical Drum Pendant | 12. Basket Pendant | 13. Glass Drum Pendant

14. Carson Pendant | 15. Headlands Bell Pendant | 16. Black Pendant | 17. Claremont Triple Pendant | 18. Teardrop Pendant | 19. Metal Pendant Light

20. Haleigh Dome Pendant | 21. Globe Pendant | 22. Ceramic Pendant | 23. Carmen Six Light Pendant | 24. Pawel Dome Pendant | 25. Siyanda Pendant

One update I want to make soon is some new pendant lights for our kitchen. I don’t mind the ones that are there, but they’re a little too nautical for my liking. Plus, this is such an easy update to make, why not?!

The tough part is actually deciding on one because there are so many pretty ones! Do I want copper, black, glass, white?!

Ahhh the options are endless.

Eventually, we want to update the countertops and backsplash in something lighter, so that may sway my decision, but this is a good starting point and is giving me so much inspiration for our kitchen.

Either way, I love that you can totally change the look and feel of your space with a few lights. I have plans to swap out the lighting in so many areas in our house to totally change the look to be more our style. It’s not a super expensive update either, especially if you already have the electrical stuff in the right spot.

I made sure to include a ton of different price points—everything from $74 to $698, but most are on the lower end of that spectrum. I can’t wait to make changes in here and share it with you guys!

Which pendant lights are your favorite?!

BTW, affordable home updates, and entryway decor inspiration.



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