Practice Makes Perfect





A while back ago, like in January, I decided I was going to paint my own abstract piece of art. A big one. A few months went by and I finally purchased a canvas, then a few more weeks and I acquired paint. Several weeks later I decided to get to painting and started practicing on a small canvas.

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It turns out that I really enjoy painting! It’s soothing and the perfect activity after a stressful day. I finished this smaller painting — 20 by 20 inches — a few weeks ago and realized I never shared it with you guys. Though it started out looking bad, it eventually turned into this, and I really like it. It’s now hanging in my hall and is the perfect bright decor when I first walk out of my room in the morning.

Since finishing this one, I’ve started on the mega painting. I’m sort of laughing to myself, because it looks nothing like this one, but I love it equally as much, maybe even a bit more. Let’s hope that I complete that one here in the next week or so and get it hung before my new chairs arrive!

Two Directions
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